Thursday, February 07, 2008

Baby from Heaven, Diaper from H#!!

Status: Feeling pretty good. The kids are in school, Hubby's at work, baby is next to me, playing happily.

SO, we got a TON of snow. It didn't stop until around 7pm last night. 24 hours straight of snow. Sheesh. Yeah, ten-foot snow drifts are FUN. We wrapped the kids up and let them play in it for about an hour, and they made a "Stitch" snowman with two pairs of stick arms and antennae. The snow was heavy and wet, perfect for snowman-making. But it was also WINDY, and they only lasted an hour with the snow blowing in their faces.

So Thing four (who will be nine months old next week!) is eating pretty well now. He can even feed himself cheerios and small things. And of course when we eat dinner, he gets "tastes" of stuff sometimes. Now that he's eating real person food, and not just formula, I have to admit, his diaper-changings have gone from just OK to CODE PURPLE LEVEL TOXIC WASTE.

Yesterday I was changing him, and the diaper was especially fragrant, and Thing two (who is eight) was hanging around. He caught a whiff of the caustic fumes and said "Whew, baby from heaven, diaper from Hades!" (He's not allowed to say "Hell," only Mommy gets to.) ;-)

He was very right. No more normal diapers for us! This is the part I conveniently forgot about for six years until we had another baby. Here we go again!

That's why we have a diaper trash bag in the GARAGE. Frozen smellies don't "smell."

So, check out my status bar on the right! I finished my edits last night! Woo! Go me!
Although I still have some tweaking to do. The last two chapters seem "rushed." I need to slow the pace down and add some more detail and richness. I am not a "description" gal. I write the bare bones of the story, then go BACK and add in the descriptions, color, etc. Which means I edit for about ten bazillion YEARS before I feel it's completed. Yeah, I know.

Time for laundry! I can't believe it's Thursday already!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the edit!

I think of my first draft as the skeleton; then I go back and fill in. And then I cut.

Michelle Miles said...

I'm so GLAD it's Thursday!

Congrats on the edits! You go!

Lowa said...

I am surprised that the formula diapers have not been bothering you. Those REEK as bad as when they start food, if you ask me. If you nurse, those don't stink at all.

How big is he now?? He must be crawling all over the place, eh??

I am glad you are getting more writing/editing done!!

Lara said...

Oh, no, the formula diapers reeked. But this is a NEW LEVEL of "reek."


Anonymous said...

PS Friends of mine who don't want their kids to say "hell" have taught them to say, "H - E - double hockey sticks" -- which just makes me laugh.