Sunday, March 02, 2008

And, We're OFF!!!

Yes, I'm posting on a Sunday. Weekends are usually too busy for me to post (I know, roll your eyes) but they are!

We were all ready for church an hour ago when Thing Three had to go running up the stairs and trip and smash his face into the wood steps. His cheekbone caught the edge of the stair, and he became a screaming hysterical mess.

I got a cold compress on it, but there went going to church. Hubby is traveling, otherwise he could have stayed home with Thing Three. Thing One is mature for her age (ten) but I don't feel good leaving the two of them on their own and driving 35 miles away for three hours.

SO, I'm home. I started writing yesterday, but only got 1308 words in. Not the best (I need 1650 per day to make my goal) but I couldn't just WRITE, because I kept "fixing" the beginning, because frankly, if the beginning doesn't hook the reader, it will suck.
But I'm not worried. I'm going to crank out the words this week.

I will definitely write tonight, when the kids go to bed. I'm having fun getting lost in Emma's world again.

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