Friday, February 08, 2008

Insert Witty Title Here.

Status: Off my head with joy. It's snowing again.

Yeah, I'm feeling a tad sarcastic today...

But hey, it's Friday! Friday in our household is Pizza and Movie night. I go and get a family sized Papa Murphy's pizza, and right next door (how convenient) is Blockbuster. Sometimes we're really rebellious and we shake things up, and get PIZZA HUT pizza, but Friday means Pizza and movies.

I am dying to see "Elizabeth: The Golden Age," but how much do you want to bet Hubby will have NOTHING to do with that movie? He's more of a Bourne Identity guy. Well, he's leaving for Vegas Monday for a week, so I'll just rent it and watch it one night while he's gone.
I think I'll get that snow dogs movie for the kids. Thing Three has been asking to watch it...

Still tweaking the novel. I have a scene that I LOVED writing, but it ended up on the editing room floor when I had to chop 20K words. (That was PAINFUL, believe me!) Now that I've cut a lot of "mundane" stuff, I want to stick the scene back in! I am having Trusty Reader take a look and tell me what she thinks.

Well, I can't think of anything fabulous to report, off to do the Rump-bump-a-stump with The Wiggles and Thing Four! Have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I suppose you don't want to hear that it's sunny and mid-sixties today in the Carolinas. Nope, I'll bet you really don't want to hear that . . . but it is really wonderful here . . . stay warm!