Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Could Write a Book...

Status: Running out of white t-shirts. Every time the baby sneezes with a mouthful of mushed-up carrots while I’m feeding him…well, you can guess what happens. UGH!

So I’ve decided to query early. (I wasn’t going to start until March.) I’m just going to do it. Hopefully I’ve got a story someone out there will like, and I’m going to start with my “dream agents” and work my way down the list. We’ll see what happens!

In the "I Knew It Would Happen Eventually" category--Thing Two needs glasses. I took the kiddos to see “Spiderwick” on Saturday, and Thing Two mentioned that the words on the screen were blurry. So, I have made an appointment for him. Since I already have Thing One in glasses, I'm a seasoned pro. And if he really can’t see, that would explain a few problems he’s been having at school with “paying attention.” :-)

Oh, and I’ve decided that yesterday I may have earned another “SUPERMOM” badge for my collection. I washed (and folded, it doesn’t count unless you FOLD them!) twelve loads of laundry, made three peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches in under a minute, changed FIVE diarrhea diapers, made muffins, edited my novel, played board games with the kids and organized the fridge. (Which I haven’t done in a while, and frankly, I needed a chisel and a pair of pliers for the job.)

Yep, I rocked yesterday. And yes, today, I need a nap.

Happy Wednesday!


Michelle Miles said...

LOL Yeah I'd say you earned that SuperMom badge!

Anonymous said...

Honey, you rock EVERY day.

Now, get those queries out there!

Lowa said...

WOW! Don't you love days like that? I love it when I get a lot of stuff done. Makes up for all the days it seems that noting at all gets accomplished.

Wow, two kids in glasses, eh?? That may be ME soon, who knows. Jock wants them SO BAD, because Cyrptic has them. You know how it goes.

Wasn't Spiderwick great?? Clown got all the books for Christmas, sucked them down and then waited anxiously for the movie. I told him it won't be the same and he was pretty upset at how many things were different. Plus, he was terrified of Mulgarath and would not look at him at all. Kept his eyes covered.

Good luck on the queries, this is SO EXCITING!