Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend Over.

Ahh, Monday. I am happy to say that I am no longer annoyed, only slightly tired and confused.

Tired --from leaping across hieroglyphic-encrusted rocks and all those highly challenging bo-stick fights with evil Ninjas employed by He-Who-Wants-To-Destroy-The-World. (This comment was solely for Brian B. see comment from last post.)

Confused --because apparently I am no longer worthy of my Writer's Forum, as I have been blocked access. I can't get in. I can't post. I can't do spit. It kind of sucks.

Today should be moderately quiet, I only have a few errands to run, and an hour block of volunteer time at my daughter's school.

I have stopped writing my novel, because the research has proven to be a bit more---time absorbing. I am one of those anal souls who just has to get it right--the details in my historical fiction, that is. So I'll probably resume in a week or two. I have roughly four months to write, I want to be sure I have all my facts straight before I jump on in. Otherwise errors costly to the plot could ensue. (you mean, they didn't have FAX machines in 1890?? Dammit! Now I have to rewrite the entire scene!)

Well, that's an absurd example, but you get my drift.

Most people clean their houses on the weekends. I clean my house FROM the weekend. So much goes on, on Saturday and Sunday, piles appear out of nowhere and perch in odd places like kitchen counters, rec rooms, even stairs. Don't get me started on the Laundry Room. I guess in my attempt to find the bottom of the pile in the Laundry room you could truly call me Lara the Tomb Raider--with all the laundry that has been entombed in the latter recesses since the days of oh---say...Pompeii.

Time for a little domestic archaeology...

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Lara said...

Thanks, yes, I pm'd her over at the OTHER writer's forum, she's sorting it out now. :-) Hopefully I won't be banned for long!