Wednesday, January 26, 2005

CHEESE: Dairy Product or Hallucinogen?

I think the "Mild Cheddar Cheese" Theory was proven once again last night.

For those of you wondering, it began in College, when I had a very strange dream, and one of my roommates asked "Did you eat mild Cheddar cheese yesterday?" What was even stranger, was that I had. My roommate went on to tell me that whenever she had mild Cheddar, her dreams were strange.
Thus was born the Mild Cheddar Cheese Theory: if you eat Mild Cheddar Cheese, you'll have strange dreams that night.

Okay, maybe this whole post is strange, but I had a VERY weird dream last night and coincidentally, the kids and I had grilled cheese for lunch...
For any of you Alias watchers, I dreamed I was Sydney Bristow, and I was captured by an evil terrorist (played by the yummy Rick Yune in the premiere episode) and he was torturing me with the water-mask thingy because he needed someone to go shopping with his wife, because as he explained, she was "hopeless" and "didn't have a clue."
I was refusing to go, because it was such an absurd request to be tortured over, and lets just say that the dream took a few more bizarre turns and twists (one involving evil flying cats) until I sat straight up in bed at 4am. It was hands-down, the strangest nightmare I'd ever had.

So, I am chalking it up to Mild Cheddar Cheese once more. I think it's just me. One of my other roommates ate copious amounts of cheese to test the theory (let's just say she gained more than the freshman 15) and it didn't really work for her. I think you have to be a certain kind of person for the hallucinogen in Mild Cheddar Cheese to have an effect on you.

Wow, this post really is bad--I guess I'll update on the novel progress:

I worked on Chapters one and two last night, and my main character decided that she wanted to not only be a good person, but she wanted to be a former bad person (in the spirit of "Mean Girls.") who turned good after a practical joke went awry.
She surprised me somewhat, but usually my characters do. At least they have a mind to be something more than one-dimensional! I am also trying to insert humor where there really isn't any. It's a delicate balance: successfully co-existing humor and horror in the same story. Stephen King and J.K. Rowling do it rather sensationally--but I have to admit I haven't quite mastered it yet.

But I'll keep trying!

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