Friday, January 28, 2005

Calm before the storm...

Weekends are always crazy for me. I cherish Fridays somewhat as the "calm before the storm" because right now, it's quiet, the only thing I can hear is the ticking of my study clock, and the sun is just starting to cast its rosy glow on the yard. (Too bad the yard is buried under twelve inches of snow! hmmph!)
Yesterday was a pretty quiet day too. I didn't go anywhere, because it was just too darn cold outside. The wind makes everything miserable. I can handle cold and snow, but a bitterly cold wind that feels like a knife on your cheeks: that I can do without.
So I tidied up some random messes in the house, paid some bills, played with my dog and my son alternately (the other two were at school) and downloaded Monet's Champ de coquelicots, (which happens to be my very favorite by him) and set it as my laptop background.
He painted that one in 1890. The same year that, in my novel, my heroines go to Egypt to solve the mystery of the ancient curse. How fun is that?

Today should be relatively quiet too, except since I didn't run around yesterday, I have to do double the running around today, including possibly getting a referral for a speech therapist.

My four-year old can't say his "L's" to save his life. "Larry" comes out as "Warry" and "Mario and Luigi" comes out as "Maweeo and Waweegee" (you get the idea.")
I already asked his pediatrician about it, and he said to give him time, (this was a few months ago) but my husband seems to think that the time is up. I disagree, but I am going to get a second opinon. Poor little Thing Three, Things One and Two never had this problem.


Lynn M said...

Don't feel bad, Lara. My four-nearly-five year old can't manage to construct a sentence using the pronoun "she". He'll say "Hers went to the store." I'll correct him with a "She went to the store," and he'll reply "She went to the store, and hers bought hot dog buns."

Im afraid he's going to be laughed out of kindergarten next fall.


Michelle Miles said...

My son can't say L's either (he's 3). They come out as Y's. Don't worry. I'm sure it'll be fine. :)

Lara said...

Ooh! I'll have to check out Wilkie Collins. Thanks for the tip.
And thanks everyone else for your input. I think I'm going to work with him and give him a little more time.