Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I've got the Fever...

Spring Cleaning Fever, that is.
And it's not even Spring! It's dreary, cold and dark January, but I must do something. A lot of my fellow writer friends are suffering from the same ailment--the "Post-Holidays Blahs." (It's like having depression, only you snap out of it without drugs. :-)
In an effort to "snap out of it," I have taken on the Hurculean task of "re-doing" the house. Problem is, when I get the bug, I GET THE BUG. I stayed up until 2am this morning, completely overhauling my office/craft room. Boy is it beautiful.
I have my big cozy overstuffed chair, lamps, my Monet paintings on the walls (not real ones, copies) and all my books, hobby stuff and files are neatly organized onto shelves and in drawers.

And for once, my writing desk is clean. (Now that's a feat I haven't achieved since the mid-nineties, in ANY place I've lived. Go to J.K., and you'll see a perfect example of what my writing desk looks like normally--apparently writers are messy people.)

I just rationalize and say that I like to have "everything out so I can see it."

There is a heavy fog outside right now, the temp is into the high thirties and the ten inches of snow we got a few days ago is rapidly decreasing--right now it's about three inches. It's almost eerie outside, and completely devoid of sun. This is the depressing time of year, hence my Spring Cleaning Fever. If I rearrange my surroundings (and I have lots of creative room because the Christmas Stuff is all down) then I feel rejuvinated, like its a new start.

But I'd better take a a break from Spring Fever and get my synopsis re-written! *gasp* Can't forget about that!

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