Friday, January 07, 2005

Deep Snow--Little Dog

My poor puppy, Hagan. Just to clear things up, it's prounounced "Hay-gen" ( not HAH-GEN, like Hagen Daas--nothing annoys me more when people tell me that my "Hoggin" is so cute)...
But I digress...
We got a major snowfall, and I am sad to report that Hagan doesn't know quite what to do with it. He stands about ten inches tall himself, and we got ten inches. So here's the problem: Potty Time.
I got him a thick doggy Woolrich "coat" for Christmas (he hates it) and he'd rather have his nails clipped than wear it. (don't get me started on how he acts when I clip his nails) But it keeps him warm. Problem is, when the snow is just too deep, it's just TOO deep, ya know?
Hagan always enjoys bounding through the snow for the first, say...30 seconds, but at some point he stops and looks over at me forlornly, shivering--just a doggy head and shoulders peeking out above the snow, as if silently asking me: why is this pretty white stuff so cold?
I mean, until they make doggy socks or shoes, he just has to make do with the coat.

So, this morning, in a burst of Charity, I got out the shovel and shoveled a run for him, all the way around our HALF ACRE back yard, and even shoveled a few clear spots for him to do #2 in.
And what does he do as soon as I take him outside? He walked the perimeter, sniffed it a total of ONE times, and then bounded off the path into the deep snow once more.
Cut to 30 seconds later, and he was shivering, standing in the snow, looking like the butt of a cruel joke, looking forlornly at me once more.
Yes, I did it. I actually said the words: Stupid Dog. (Well, in my defense, he doesn't exactly demonstrate much prowess in the Gray Matter area).
I told him to hurry up (hurry up, Stupid Dog) before the inside of my nose never recovered, and he took a few steps and I think he pooped, but I sure can't tell, because all I could see was his snout.
Then comes the reeeaallly fun part. We get inside the house, and I have to pick all the little hard snowballs from his underbelly and hind legs, then towel him off and hold him until he stops shivering. The whole process takes about five minutes--but that's a long time when you have three kids and lots to do.
Well, make that four. Hagan is one of the kids too.

I just wish, like my other kids, he could be trained to use the toilet...

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