Saturday, January 29, 2005

Watch out, I'm ANNOYED...

I sure was in one of those moods yesterday. EVERYTHING annoyed me. Absolutely everything. The dog annoyed me (I call him Velcro dog, I might as well sew a #$@%^&!! piece of Velcro onto my thigh and stick him to it; he whines and freaks out if he can’t see me at all times.) I was annoyed by the high-pitched noise my laptop makes (that I usually don’t hear/block out).
Every time the phone rang it seemed to be an annoying person, and I nearly had a meltdown when my son complained that he was hungry and asked for a snack for the ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVENTH TIME.
Snarl! Growl! Leave me in peace, annoying people! I was annoyed when my neighbor’s daughter ran up and down the pristine, untouched snow of my front yard (completely messing it up and missing altogether the snow of her OWN yard) and I was annoyed when all my children came home from school and left a trail of wet boots, socks, backpacks, coats, mittens, scarves and assorted school/clothing carnage strewn from the front door to the snack cupboard in the kitchen.
I was really annoyed that I had to sit and unpick a knot in the Nintendo game controller wires the size of Mobile, Alabama, (what did the kids do to get it that way anyway, a freaking Maypole dance around the Game Cube console?) and I got extremely annoyed to learn that my dog is too wimpy to go any sort of distance in the snow and ice covered back yard, and has resorted to crapping on the back patio. (I am just counting the minutes until the snow melts back there. How fun it will be. Oh Goody.) Doing mental carwheels at this moment.
My husband came home from work and was instantly transformed into a slug who had only the energy to raise an arm from his reclining position on the sofa in front of the TV and ask me for assorted things like food, etc. (I won’t go into the depth that THAT annoyed me) and I was really annoyed that my daughter made a pig of herself at the neighbors during her dinner invite and ate four slices of pizza. (I’ll forgive her, because she’s seven, and she said they were “little” slices, but it was still annoying).
I was annoyed that I live in Wisconsin, and that the protruding parts of my body nearly ALWAYS freeze when I go outside for more than 10 minutes, and I was annoyed by the news (let's face it, that whole Michael Jackson thing is VERY annoying) and I was annoyed that all the main boy actors in the Harry Potter movies seem to have let their hair grow so that they now resemble unkempt girls rather than boy wizards. Puh-leeze.
I’d better stop now, or I’ll remember all the things about yesterday that annoyed me and frankly today is a new day and I need to get over it.

So GET OVER it already! Grrrrr!!!


Ann said...

Couldn't resist - I was watching a rerun of one of my guilty pleasures last night (Desperate Housewives) and I thought of your blog.
A private investigator was telling one of the men (can't remember his name) that the person who was blackmailing him must be someone he knew.
"It could be a pool repairman, say, or a person who mows the lawns," the investigator said.
"Or," he continued, "it could even be a suburban soccer mom."
"What?!" said the man
The investigator nodded somberly. "Yes, evil sometimes drives a minivan."
Just remind people of this when they get on your nerves - hee hee.

Lara said...

Well of course I am--but only on weekends. I am no longer annoyed because I spent today kicking some undead-mummy booty. GREAT for that pent-up anger.