Monday, January 10, 2005


I hadn't heard from my agent today, so I emailed him and asked what his thoughts were on my synopses and chapters I sent him on Friday. A portion of his response:

"What makes you think I'm finished reading everything you sent me!!"

So, oops. I guess he needs more time! I did send him quite a bit of material, two synopses (three pages each, single-spaced) and two attachments with the first chapter of each novel, so he could get the "flavor" of each story. So I emailed back and told him to take his time. Of course, now that I have to wait for his response, I have decided that I want to focus on Novel #1 first, but if he likes Novel #2 then I guess I have to wait. He knows the Industry much better than I do, for sure! My agent is great--he always motivates me to perfect my craft and he gives me great suggestions on books to read and shows to watch. It's just nice to know that someone out there believes in my writing. I just hope the answer he comes back with is the one I want to hear...
(You know the feeling, when you get SUPER excited about a story idea and it percolates in your brain to the point where you think of it ALL THE TIME. But alas, I get to wait.)

My four-year old has a fever today, I had to keep him home from Preschool. Boy, is he GRUMPY! (And I'll tell you now, he's NEVER grumpy.) He's my "happy kid." I hope he feels better tomorrow.

So, my goals for this week are:
1) Eat Healthy and work out every day
2) Get all the Christmas decorations down and clean the house spotless
3) Get to work on my novel.

I figure I have six months to complete my first novel, because I have TWO novels I want to complete this year. So that will give me six months for the other one. Both will have a word count of around 65,000, so not too bad for Young Adult.

Hagan, my puppy, is AT THE BACK DOOR so I'd better sign off. He doesn't stand there until he absolutely has to go--so I'd better hurry!

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