Thursday, January 06, 2005

Snow Day

We got seven inches of snow overnight. And of course, in the grand Wisconsin tradition, the minute I finished shoveling a path for my kids to get to the bus, (I was on the porch stamping the snow from my boots) the snowplow man came by and boxed me in with a three-foot wall of snow again. Stupid Ba$&*@#!
ANYWAY, school was cancelled, and my kids played while I spent half the day condensing my enormous synopses of my novels into two very brief ones, (if you consider three pages brief) for my agent to look at. I am excited because now he'll tell me which novel he feels I should focus more on. That will give me the motivation to stop the never-ending research, and start writing.
Then, my kids went sledding and spent the day ruining the pristine snow in our front and back yards, held snowball fights (according to my daughter, my son cheated with snow BOULDERS) and built assorted snowmen.
Just as my neighbor's daughter suggested that they make an anatomically correct snowman, I decided to step in and invite everyone inside for hot cocoa. The rest of the day was spent playing MarioKart (Gamecube) and I have to say, Princess Daisy and I have gotten quite adept at throwing bombs and lightning bolts. But I still get my butt kicked by my five-year old, Thing Two. It amazes me how he maneuvers those tracks with speedy precision. It's like he has this sixth sense...Nintendo Sense.
Well, good for him. Now we're all warm and cozy, and waiting for Dad to come home. How fun Snow days can be!

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Michelle Miles said...

I wish we had snow days...all we get are ice days. ;-)