Sunday, January 09, 2005

Busy Weekend...

I think that it may only be possible for one blog to come out of every weekend. I just can't seem to "get away" long enough to blog on weekends.
We had fun this weekend. Took the kids to Chili's on Saturday night (unfortunately we had to eat "dinner" at 4:30 otherwise we'd have had to wait about 45 minutes to be seated anytime past 5pm.) There are only a handful of restaraunts in the little town we live in, and Saturdays can get a little crazy. But it's dark after 4pm here, so it feels like dinnertime anyway!
After that we went to Target to snoop around (yes, we love Target so much we go there as a family) and we all indulged in our guilty pleasure: Venti Peppermint Hot Chocolates from Starbucks. Mmm mm mmm.
It was really cold, and after that we didn't feel much like going to the movies (we've seen every movie out for our kids' ages anyway) so we went home and had a rousing match of MarioKart before bedtime. Yep. Saturdays are alway fun.
My hubby has had his nose buried in Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" (which frankly, I liked better than Da Vinci Code) for most of the day today, and aside from Church, it's been quiet.
I am expecting my agent to call me tomorrow and discuss my novels--I am excited and nervous because I have one novel I really, really want to write and tomorrow I get to find out which one he thinks is the most important.

Unless of course-- he hates both ideas and wants me to come up with something entirely new.

We'll see...

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