Friday, September 04, 2009

Suvival of the Kiddos.

The kids survived the First Week of School!

Well, we had a tense Wednesday where I thought it was picture day (in my defense all the Open House literature named Sept. 2 as the date) but apparently the school changed it to the 18th last minute and didn't bother to tell anyone, only posted signs in the school and on the marquee. Well, if your kids bus, and you don't actually GO to the school, and you aren't on the school website every day, how are you supposed to know?

Yeah, I received a text from Thing One, mortified because she was wearing mascara and blush on a Phy Ed day, but I told her to suck it up.

They jumped right in, too. Thing One had two hours of homework last night. Thing Two had about 45 minutes, and Thing Three, about 20. I remember the first week of school was pretty much play time, but not now. They dive in and get going.

I spaced soccer practice last night. SPACED it!! Completely! I didn't even have that "nagging feeling" I always get, when something is happening, and I should be at it.

What's scary is, I just remembered, 30 seconds ago. I am getting OLD. Luckily I have a Franklin and I write everything down (I don't have time to put in on a device) or I'd have a BIG problem.

Oh, and on a sad note, Regina only has four baby turkeys now. It looks like that &8^$#!! hawk got lucky...we're traumatized. :-(

Hubby is flying to Texas this weekend, for the BYU game. He's meeting up with his brothers. The kids and I are going to make things fun. Pizza and a movie tonight, and tomorrow we're driving all the way to Costco and stocking up (that's fun for ME) and then they get playdates afterwards.

Happy Holiday weekend, all!


Michelle Miles said...

It's hard to explain to kids about stuff like that. But, it's nature and those things happen. :(

Hey I wish ya'll were coming! The kiddo is having his birthday party Sunday at Incredible Pizza! haha

Georgie said...

Great Labor Day weekend to you and the family, Lara.

devon Ellington said...

Costco is always fun! Have a blast!

Sorry about Regina's baby. ;(

Anonymous said...

that is so sad about the turkeys!