Thursday, September 17, 2009

Late blogging today--I had an Institute class this morning, and it was amazing. I'm lucky--the church building has a nursery I can put Thing Four in for the hour and a half class. But he's so tired afterwards (his naptime is at 11, when it ends) we have to go right home. Some of my girlfriends headed out to lunch, but I had Sleepy Baby, and alas, could not participate. :-(
Oh well. A friend of mine just got another rejection today on her ms out on submission, and I am realizing that all these rejections make us stronger people. Sure, they suck, and half the time I wonder if the agent even LOOKED at the sample I provided, but they are a part of the business and to be expected. Rejections are a dime a dozen. Its that one shiny happy "I like this" answer, that we all hope for.

It's happened before, it WILL happen again! And I have concluded that Writers are masochists. Pure and simple. ;-)

It was cooooollllldddd last night! Hubby threw all the windows open, but during the night it cooled wayy down, and I was freezing this morning. (It doesn't help that Hubby stole all the covers at one point during the night!) I think tonight we'll just crack the windows, or I'll have to go to sleep in a down coat. Fall is in the air! The sea of green trees is starting to become a Monet canvas of color. All the stores are stocked with Halloween stuff. I've even bought my boys' costumes. Guess who they're going to be for Halloween?

Yep. Who you gonna call? And I think it's ingenious that the Proton Packs are blowup. My boys are salivating over them. And apparently they're making a Ghostbusters 3. Good times!! You can order the costumes here. is very courteous and fast. I've only had good experiences with them. Sure beats the heck out of MAKING a costume, which I attempted last year. (Click to see.) What am I talking about? It turned out fabulous! But it took way too much time.
ANYWAY, it's Thursday already, and I have stuff to do while the baby dozes. Gotta send out a query, too!!!


Colin Galbraith said...

They never had those when I was a kid! NOT FAIR!!! ;-)

Michelle Miles said...

We are, aren't we? FOUR this week. Suckage. But... I WILL TRIUMPH!

(PS my word verification is "hashish" hahahahah)