Monday, September 14, 2009

Shaving the Bugs...

Thing Four (who is two) was cuddling with his dad this weekend, and he was holding his face in his chubby little hands and suddenly he remarks: "Dad, you've got bugs on your face."

We cracked up. It was really Hubby's stubble, and Thing Four thought all the little coarse hairs were "bugs." We tried to explain that they weren't "bugs" but "hairs," and Thing Four was having none of it. They were BUGS, and that was that.

Cut to this morning, and I've got Thing Four on the bed with me, and Hubby was standing by his sink in the bathroom shaving, and Thing Four was watching him, very closely. Then he slid off the bed, walked over, watched Hubby for a moment more, and asked, very seriously: "Whatchoo doin' Daddy?"

"I'm shaving."

"You shaving the bugs off?"

"Yep. I'm shaving the bugs."

"Oh. Okay."

We laughed and laughed. Little kids say the funniest things.

Had a good weekend. The first soccer game of the season was Saturday, it was gorgeous and warm, and our team won! (I stopped counting after they'd made about ten goals to the other team's three). Then it was home for pizza leftovers (yum!) and then *GASP* yard work time. Hubby decided it would be FABULOUS to mow our lawn down to a three (we argued and argued, don't worry, I told him our lawn would look like a newly-buzzed head where the skin shows through) but he was determined. So, I told him he could do it by himself. And he did. And the bagging unit got clogged every other row. It was hours before it was finished. But we got the bushes trimmed down, the weeds pulled, and now I have 22 stinking, festering bags of grass sitting in the garage I have to lug to the mulch dump, in my nice clean car. UGH. And yes, the lawn is too short. Hubby conceded. At least I won't have to mow it this week.

Sunday was crazy at first, because we have 9am church 35 miles away and we usually run around like crazed chickens getting ready, and stumble in as they are singing the opening hymn. (Don't judge, I know people who live across the street who can't make it on time!). Then after church we watched U.S. Open and lazed around. Took a family walk. Lazed around some more. Gotta enjoy the last of the good weather!

Now I have everything in the world to do. Clean the house, run errands, all the crazy things.

I'd just like to take a nap, please.

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Lowa said...

When the heck are the men going to learn that we KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!?!? At least some of the time. Sheesh!?!?

Also, that was SO CUTE about Thing Four. Hope you don't mind, but I told some of the people today when our Home School Group was getting our annual kids' pictures done. I have a friend who has three teens and then a 3 and 1 year old. Makes me think of you sometimes, except you don't have as big of a gap between your third and fourth as she does. And you have not had your fifth...YET. Still, makes me think of you:)

They enjoyed the bug story too:)