Thursday, September 10, 2009

Soccer Weather Woes. (As in IT'S FREEZING OUT HERE!!!)

First, can I say Hallelujah, we just got our game schedules, and we don't have any 8am soccer games this fall! Granted, most of them are at NINE am, but a major difference does an hour make here in Wisconsin--the difference between Death By Frostbite, and Moderate Discomfort. Seriously.
I'm a smart soccer mom. I make sure I park within sight of the playing field, so, if I get out of the car and it's ridiculously cold (and no amount of hot chocolate of blankets will help) I just...gasp...stay in the car and watch.
Does this make me a bad soccer mom? Just because I don't participate in the rite of passage known as Freezing Your A** Off During Soccer Games??? My words to the shocked people:

Get. Over. It.

In my defense, if I have my two-year old with me, most people should understand. And yes, I like being comfortable. Unlike my child, who has the energy of a ferret on a double espresso, and BY THE WAY is running around a large field-- so he's perfectly warm. It shouldn't really be an issue.

As long as my kid doesn't care, you can sure bet I don't worry about it. Well, maybe just a little. There's always that SHE SOCCER MOM who is out there rain or shine, frostbite or no, with her perfect hair and barrage of homemade blankets and her Uggs, and a Venti latte from Starbucks, and she NEVER shows discomfort. EVER.

Someday, when her nose falls off from all those mornings of being frozen, at least I'll have mine!

So there!


Michelle Miles said...

We should be so lucky to have cold like that. It's still in the 90s here and sweltering. I've had it with the weather. I'M READY FOR FALL! Supposed to get a cool front this weekend, though. *crossing fingers*

devon Ellington said...

Hey, you're AT the game, and that's the most important thing. Why shouldn't you be comfortable?

May I also suggest a small hot water bottle? My hot water bottle is my FAVORITE accessory (it's got a cute little lamb cover on it, too).

The Bean Cassarole said...

It's 48 here and getting colder at night. It stayed about 65 yesterday so it looks like we're going to have another nightmare winter here. Blah.

At least we don't live on a hill that's 90 degrees up anymore. ;-)

Lowa said...

HEY! I have the same hot water bottle with the lamb cover:) My Mum sent it to me from Canada.

Why would you be a bad mother because you watch from a warm vehicle? I think it is foolish to put yourself through misery. When Jock used to play soccer instead of hockey most of his games were in places where it was impossible to park nearby. When we could, you can bet all of us parents stayed in our vehicles! Sometimes to stay COOL, not warm:)

That is what I always used to do when my kids played T-Ball. Only time I didn't was when I was coaching, which only happened a few times because no one else would step up and do it. We are talking about 3 and 4 year olds, so you didn't need to actually KNOW anything:) LOL

I think it is kinda funny that you feel the need to defend yourself! Just do what you need to do, who cares what others think!?!?