Friday, September 18, 2009

Exploding DVRs...

A belated shout-out to my sis, who turned 29 yesterday. Happy Birthday! The funny thing about turning 29, is people are skeptical when they ask how old you are (a rude thing to do in my opinion) and you tell them "I'm twenty-nine." They're like: "Yeah, sure."

I went to Michael's for the first time in AGES Wednesday (it's nowhere close to my house) and I was shocked at the aisles of jewelry stuff! When did they put those in there? I mean, you could make ANYTHING you want, even knock-offs of crown jewels, with all the stuff they have crammed into those aisles. I was positively salivating! But I was good, I just bought the little clasp I needed, and okay, I splurged on a ribbon organizer but I had a 40% coupon, and it was justified.

I got out of there, FAST. Craft stores are evil. Evil as in I could stay in them for DAYS, and come out a few hundred dollars poorer. Especially Hobby Lobby. Don't get me started on Hobby Lobby. Too bad they don't have Garden Ridge in Wisconsin. Or I'd have a coronary. It's like Christmas, every time I go in there.

I have craft stuff coming out of my ears. Ribbon, scrapbooking stuff, foam stickers in about every shape (all neatly organized into small labeled tubs) paper, art stuff, yarn, ink, clay, paint, wood stuff, a shelf of craft paint, and about 947364 craft kits from Oriental Trading, that I've bought over the years. And my kids are getting too old for "crafts." So, I need to either A) have more kids or B) donate the craft stuff to schools.

I think the latter option is better. :-D

It's friday! I watched GLEE last night on the DVR, and was much happier with the episode. It was funny and not too overtly sexual, like the last one. Josh Groban was a hoot. And who knew he could act? Most of the time a famous guest-star is pretty bad at the acting thing. Not the Josh. His ire with Sandy over his "stalking" was pretty convincing! Go Josh!

I can't wait to watch my other shows. Like Bones. And Fringe. And CSI. And CSI Miami. And CSI New York. And Criminal Minds. And NCIS. And NCIS Los Angeles. And Burn Notice. And White Collar. And Lie To Me. And The Mentalist. And....

My DVR is going to explode.


Aimee said...

How would you like to be my Glee reviewer? I'd love to watch it with my kids the first time through. Maybe every Friday you could put a sidenote on the bottom of your blog that says, "Glee: family approved" or "Glee: adults only."

Michelle Miles said...

Oh SHOOT!! I missed it!!! Was it the premiere?? I must set my DVR to record.

The Bean Cassarole said...

Aw..thanks for the birthday wishes! And I totally just got into Fringe. I'm watching season one right now, and I am so hooked!

Not sure if I can bring myself to watch Glee though....maybe. :)