Monday, September 28, 2009

My Brain Has Turned To Dust.

Well, Fall is officially here. It was in the low 50's this morning, and the kids finally wore jeans to school. And I drove them. Because Thing One is still battling a cold and it was raining. AND she starts baskbetball practice tonight. I'm just glad she opted out of soccer. Otherwise, she'd be a burned-out mess. Only one sport during school, that's the rule. So, she chose basketball. And I'm fine with that.

Because the games are INSIDE!!! Heh heh.

This weekend we helped the kids study for their Social Studies and Spanish quizzes. Thank heaven Hubby lived in Argentina for two years so he can speak the language. He was laughing when I was trying to pronounce the words for my daughter with the flashcards. So, I tossed them at him and said it was HIS turn. :-) I took French in high school, thank you very much.

Reviewing all these things with my kids has made me realize: I have forgotten EVERYTHING. Seriously. I would never think of these things again, if it wasn't for them. Like, when would I need to know what an Archipelago is? Or the chemical components of bleach?

SCARY. It's like my brain has gone to dust, dormant and forgetful. Like it's all locked away in there ("it" being all the stuff I learned in school and college) and I don't have the key anymore.

THIS is why I plan to take classes and enrich my life, once all my kids leave home. But that's not for a long time. So, I need to use my brain in other ways. Right now, all I need to do is remember my Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe because Hubby has volunteered me to bake 4 dozen of them for his work.

But I'll probably cheat and use my recipe book. ;-)


devon Ellington said...

But making those cookies is worth anything!

I keep up my french by reading French newspapers and magazines occasionally. I was surprised by how much came back -- I used it quite a bit in Prague.

Anonymous said...

Basketball is so much more fun to watch than soccer and that climate control and roof thing is nice too.

I hear ya on the schoolwork. Thank goodness my kids are so close in age they can help each other.

Aimee said...

Will you share your cookie recipe? I always like to try new chocolate chip ones.