Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sandwiches, Sandwiches...

I have a feeling I am going to be "over this" soon:

My kids have differing tastes in their lunch time sandwiches. We have a deal--they pack their lunches (juice, applesauce, etc) and I will make the sandwich. This morning, I had a buffet of sandwich spread stuff layed out, because...

Thing One likes Tuna salad with pickles on whole wheat.

Thing Two likes PB & J. (I make him have it on wheat.)

Thing Three must have deli Turkey with mayo and mustard and lettuce on wheat.

Hubby wants anything BUT PB & J.

Just call me the Sandwich Queen. I'm sure in about a week I'll be slapping peanut butter on two slices of bread and calling it good. This "made to order" stuff isn't going to last long.

For now, I'm being a "nice mom" and making the sandwiches they like.

First day of school was good--the kids came home excited (Thing One was exhausted, she has ten periods and only two minutes between each one to run to her locker and switch out books--she was complaining she didn't even have time to pee) and loving school.

Oh, and they mentioned that they were in "Lockdown Mode" the whole day and unable to go out to recess, because the local police had tracked a burglar to the subdivision behind the school (a very SAFE, very QUIET subdivision, so this was surprising) and had everything blocked off until they caught him. Oh, and don't worry, I think I've received about 947346 flyers about the Swine Flu, and how bad influenza season will be. In fact, they've installed a hand sanitizer dispenser in each classroom by the door, kids are to sanitize their hands upon entering AND exiting. Very interesting, but necessary.

I have the same thing in my house. I have a mongo bottle of hand sanitizer by the door, as soon as they troop inside from the bus, they are to dump their backpacks in their cubbies in the mud room, and sanitize their hands all the way up to their elbows, before even entering the main part of the house.

We should all just have plastic bubbles. Sheesh. And I've already scheduled their flu shots--apparently there are two this year. Scary how bad the epidemic is. My kids are showering every night (they used to every other night) and I'm changing their bedsheets weekly. Until this pandemic blows over. Can't be too careful. Well, you can, but I'm using common sense this time around.

It's Wednesday already???? Weird.


Aimee said...

I had a second grader sneeze directly onto my hand yesterday. Watch...I'll have swine flu by December. Shots. No shots. It. Will. Happen.

Devon ellington said...

I'm on the hunt for hand sanitizing wipes - Purell has them, but I haven't yet found them -- that I can take on the plane, because you can't take the bottles.

I can't get any of the shots because of my bad reaction. The flu will make me miserable for a few weeks, the shot will kill me. So we have to see how it goes.

Fortunately, since I don't have to take the train in to the city every day any more and spend time in the petrie dish that is backstage, I might be able to get by with just a mild case.

Michelle Miles said...

But you know...that stuff doesn't work on viral infections. You know that right?

I think the media blows the H1N1 stuff way up. It's fear-mongering at it's best. I, for one, am SICK of hearing about it down here. It's ... the flu, folks. Hello. Wash your hands, keep them out of your face and you'll be fine. That's what I tell my kid.

Lara said...

Dev, my Thing Three has HORRIBLE reactions to flu shots. So, he gets them in his nose! (a syringe, not a needle!) No reaction. Something you might want to look into.

Lowa said...

I am curious about how often your kids get sick?? Seems like 3-4 times a year at least, you guys are pretty sick, if my memory is correct.

I have a theory and I am not sure how correct I am. But we have NEVER used that sanitizer goo. We wash our hands periodically throughout the day and *gasp* not even every time after using the toilet. My kids even play outside in the mud and come inside and eat without washing their hands, sometimes.

We do not get shots of any kind and my kids MIGHT get sick once a year. Maybe. And it lasts a day or so and they are never bedridden or anything serious. We are honestly hardly EVER sick. With anything. And I think it is because our bodies are so toughened up by not washing so much and all that. Ya know?? Everyone I know who gets that silly flu shot and washes all the time...they seem to be sick OFTEN.

Just something to think about. Hope this all works for you and you guys don't get sick a lot this year!

The Bean Cassarole said...

I have to say Lowa has a point. My SIL lived up on a mountain away from most of society for a while and she used sanitizer like it was water and they all got sick quite frequently. When they moved back to the city, the habit didn't change and they were still getting sick all the time. I told her to not use as much and see what happens. It's been 2 years and they had it once or twice a year like we do.

Dan and I wash out hands, and I do use sanitizer once and a while at work as well as using rubbing alcohol instead of Windex on my glass and other surfaces (works just as well, is cheaper and disinfects), and we get sick maybe once or twice a year, and both of us do a lot of work in public.

I read a study on the CNN website a few years ago on how people are getting "antibacterial crazy" and how if they overuse those products it actually keeps it from working. It's kind of like the flu; they come up with a vaccine for it, then it gets stronger and we have to come up with a stronger one.

Use too much of the antibacterial and everyone will get used to it and it won't do it's job.

And yes, I do listen to/read CNN. ;-)

Lara said...


I agree with you. Only my kids pick up scary germs in public school, from all the other kids, and on the bus home. THAT'S where I get nervous. During summer, we hardly get sick at all, because we're at home and not in contact with other kids for the most part.