Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cookie Hell

Yeah, that was me, last night. I made 20 dozen cookies. TWENTY DOZEN. Snicker doodles, and chocolate chip.

Hubby helped. But it was still a chore. Lucky for me, I can convect bake in my oven, so I had three sheets of 15 cookies baking at once. Tricky, but it made the time go a lot faster.

All in the name of fundraising! Oh well, it's for a good cause.

My daughter has a long shelf on the wall above her bed, with two pictures above it. The shelf decided to "fall off" the wall last night (more like THIS MORNING at 2am) and clip her head. Poor thing. Scared her to death, scared ME to death (I don't think I've jumped out of bed that quickly since my nephew fell out of the crib upstairs with the loudest thunk ever) and thankfully she was OK. And yes, the nephew was fine, but I made it to him before his mom, who was sleeping in the same room, did. I am FAST. ;-)

So, I've been up since the Kamikaze Shelf Incident. I couldn't go back to sleep, because I was sick to my stomach. And I was thinking about my research. (Visit my blog at The Potted Pen if you're interested why!)
That's what I get for testing the cookie dough. (I'm pleading the fifth on the amount of "testing" involved.) Let's just say I became the object of my own scorn, because I am always telling my kids not to eat very much dough, because of the raw eggs.

Blech. 'Nuff said.

I think I need to park Thing Four in front of a Disney movie and lie on the sofa with him while he watches. (Oh, who said that!)


Devon Ellington said...

Hey, every great cook tests the food!

Besides, I'm sure your stomach was churning from the Shelf Kamikaze. I'm glad no one was hurt.

Munch a ginger biscuit or have some ginger tea (they work faster than ginger ale) and you'll feel better.

Best to you!

Michelle Miles said...

Oh gaw! I would have been a nervous wreck after the shelf incident. I'm glad she's okay. You were probably wound up on adrenaline after that happened. Cookies are delightful and I can't resist chocolate chip.