Monday, March 31, 2008


Status: Back to normal. School is in!

Thing One is home with me this morning--she has her annual eye appt. at 10. Then I'll take her to lunch and school afterwards.

So, I had a "full circle" moment yesterday. I couldn't find any scissors. Not only that, but my SPECIAL scissors were missing too.

Let me preface: when I was a kid my mom had a drawer she kept "her scissors" in. Being kids, we would always use them. And being typical kids, we'd never put them back. So mom would yell up the stairs (or down the stairs, depending on where we were): WHERE ARE MY SCISSORS???!!! THEY'RE MISSING! I WANT THEM RIGHT NOW!!!

I thought my mom was overreacting about her scissors. They were just scissors, for Pete's sake!
And we'd all run around looking for them while she yelled that we weren't to touch her scissors and if we did we had to put them back in the drawer, etc. etc. etc.

So, I have a drawer in my craft room, that has scissors in it. Not only does it have the kids' and my scissors, but it has the SPECIAL scissors: the pink Fiskars ones that I wrote "Mom's Do Not Take" with a black sharpie and put little skulls and crossbones all over. The kids know they are not to touch those scissors. They're the nicest ones. (Except for the "Fabric Only" scissors I have tucked away under lock and key, which if taken, is punishable by DEATH).

Okay, well, not death, but you get the whole "my scissors are off limits" thing. So, yesterday I decide to make some cards to have on hand and I go into the scissor drawer and GASP--- it's completely empty.

They have even taken the Special Scissors. Rage boils up in me like hot lava. How dare they take MY scissors???


(My mom will love this post, mark my words.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's time to remove, from each of them, their equivalent of your special scissors and they get it back when you get your scissors.

Michelle Miles said...

Kids. They drive ya mad.

So didja find them? hehehe

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely howling!!! :-) :-)


Lara said...

Yes, they scrambled and found them. I can be VERY persuasive. ;-)

Anonymous said...

We have the same problem. We have at least 10 pairs of scissors in the house.most are located in the kitchen on their special hook. Thanks IKEA.
Uncle Rob

wfbdoglover said...

Yesterday we went to woodmans and I got all excited to find sissors for 69 cents (no lie) and I gasped in excitement and went to reach into the cart - my son said Mom, don't we need more sissors?


So I bought another pair.

I also have problems with tape. It is always gone. I bought some and hid it and now I can't find it! I know I hid it so I can't blame anyone!