Monday, March 10, 2008


Status: A tad's Monday, you know.

Mondays are always so crazy for me. It's like, everything gets put on hold on weekends so we can have "enjoyable family" time, and then, on Monday, it's back to the grind. Post office, bank, dry cleaners, grocery shopping, gas/wash the car, yadda yadda yadda.

AND the house is usually cluttery, from having so many humans in it. Boo.

So, we got AWESOME deals on Saturday. We got tons of stuff, and basically everything was 75% off. It was great. What was NOT SO GREAT, was the fact that my ankle was screaming by the time we were done. Now it's really hurting, and I've probably set everything back. I am SO DUMB. I'm back to icing it and it's all these lovely purple, green and red colors. No yellow yet. I always know when I see yellow, it's on the mend. Nice, huh?

(Cue Na na na na na music) Guess who has 12,800 words in? Guess who has 12,800 words in??? Not bad for starting March 1st. Of course, I'm a tad short of my goal of 1650 words a day (I'm averaging about 1400) but things are really taking off now, and I'll be getting higher word counts in shorter time. The story is pouring out of my head, literally. I guess it's been pent up in there a while. :-)
I've designated my writing time from 8:45-10:30 pm at night. During the day I just have too much going on, with a baby and three kids with schoolwork and all the activities we do. But when I get them in bed, it's all MY time. Hubby likes to unwind and watch TV at night, I will reward myself with a trip into EMMA's world. It works!

Well, enough boring writing stuff. I guess writers tend to think everyone else thinks writing is awesome and fun to hear about. ;-) Then again, it is!!!


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Michelle Miles said...

You're doing so great with that! Congrats on all the words. :)

I hope I can get some writing in very soon. Things are so hectic this month for me. Wrapping up the contest, getting my galley read, blah blah blah.