Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm a MEAN Mom...

Status: I have almost 16,000 words on my story. I'm happy as a clam. :-)

I didn't go anywhere yesterday either because of the foot--this has to be some record. But I was able to SIT DOWN and organize the closet, and fold clothes. (It's always nice when you can "walk" into a walk-in closet.)

Hubby and I are addicted to American Idol, and the big problem is, during my writing time at night is when he wants to watch the DVR'd shows. So, last night, he watched both episides of AI and I was typing away in the office next door, and I kept rushing out to see who was singing, etc. All my favorites did awesome! But I digress. It's hard to write when your show is on. But I managed to get in 1350 words, so no major complaints. (Devon I can see you rolling your eyes, stop it!) ;-)

The story really is coming out effortlessly. I am surprised. The first book came out easily too. But the faster I get it out, the more polishing I'll have to do later. Oh well.

At least I'm doing it! I'm fired up. Usually I'm not this excited to write. I guess if I write what I love, I'm happy.

I got the boys to clean their room after school. Usually we clean on Saturday after breakfast, but I was afraid something was going to rise up out of the crap in their room and kill them in their sleep. Yes, it was THAT messy. So I gave them "assignments" and set the timer. If I don't set the timer, they piddlyfart around and get nothing done. Well, they piddlyfarted, and so I told them they were going to be grounded from their Nintendo DS's for a day. (Since I only let them play them on Saturdays, and that's it, it was a serious thing) Needless to say, they got it cleaned up really quick.

I am such a mean mom. They told me that yesterday. Thing Three thinks I'm mean because I make him eat green peas. Thing Two thinks I'm mean because I make him take showers at night. Thing One thinks I'm mean because NO ONE should have to do the dishes every day.
Yep, I'm the meanest mom around. But my kids are going to grow up to be responsible, work-oriented adults. Or I'll consider myself a failure. I wear the "mean mom" badge VERY proudly.


Anonymous said...

Your progress is AWESOME. I'm so proud of you.

You should take the idea of something rising out of the mess to threaten your kids and turn it into a story -- it would make 'em laugh and be a huge seller! Middle grade, maybe, instead of YA. Just for fun.

Michelle Miles said...

You big MEANIE you. lol I'm mean because I make mine stop playing to take a bath. He HATES that. Oh well!

You're doing awesome on your story!