Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break Hell.

Status: Well, check out the title!

Hubby and I looked at each other last night, and said "No way. Never again. NEVER."

What we meant by that was "There is no way in HADES that we will ever NOT go somewhere for Spring Break again!!" Sitting at home with four kids is NOT our idea of fun, because the weather has not been cooperative and frankly, we're all driving each other MENTAL. Sure, we planned out some fun things to do, but mostly they've fallen through because stuff happens, and we're HOME for pete's sake. So there's no pressure to "get out" and see stuff. It's the same ol' same ol'.

NOT FUN. And the kids seem to think every day is Saturday, and I'm supposed to put on THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Of Breakfasts, and frankly, I'm opting for the "community theatre version"...a bowl of cereal.

We were supposed to get six inches of snow today, but THANKHEAVEN they said the storm will bypass us mostly. It's just overcast and gloomy. I'm trying to make a dent in the laundry, and now that my ankle is better, the personal trainer is coming over tonight and frankly, I feel like a LUMP.

And, I have a crick in my neck. Woke up with it this morning. I can't turn my head to the right, without extreme pain. I think I'll go turn some cartwheels.

But hey, Hubby promised to take me shopping today. I think he feels for me. He said I need to look for a new Coach bag. And a wallet to match. Maybe a week home with four kids (one of them being a baby) helps him appreciate my job a little more? Of course, I know his job is stress and craziness (they're constantly emailing and calling him) but kids can put you in the Loony Bin after a while. If you let them.

I'm surfing the chaos right now. That's all I can do! Once the kids start going to bed at 8:30 again, I'll have my writing time back. For now, they're staying up until ten and watching movies every night.

I did take them to see "College Road Trip" yesterday and I laughed out loud a few times. Very Disney, but VERY cute. Loved it. But I bawled at the end. She went off to college and her parents fell apart. That will be me. My kids could drive me to the edge of insanity and back and I'll completely lose it when they grow up and leave the Nest.

Gotta enjoy them while I can! Only next Spring Break, I'm going to enjoy them more if we're someplace tropical...


Lowa said...

Interesting how different people can be! We have never gone anywhere for spring break and likely never will. We purposely avoid going anywhere then since everyone else does and we don't like crowds! LOL

We LOVE being home all day with the kids. Hubby works from home, so all six of us are ALWAYS here. Makes for lots of chances for QT. Some days people get on each other's nerves, but overall, we LOVE IT! We go for walks, play board games, bake, do crafts, watch movies, play video games, play street hockey, etc.

I have a friend who is more like you. She needs to be going and doing things and loves being gone from the house and having a lot of errands to run. I thrive on being home with the kids. Some days I need a break and I just go do errands myself or take one at a time or whatever. I will take the younger two to the children's museum while the older two stay home and do school work. The older two don't care about the children's museum anymore.

Sorry you had such a bad spring break! Show us a picture of your new purse, please. I have another friend who gets those and something else...AH YES! "Dooney and Burke" or something?? Again, not my cup of tea. I would rather get Dance Dance Revolution for the XBox or some jewelry or just get taken for a date or something. It is nice to see how your hubby is in tune with you:)

Glad your ankle is better! Hang in there!

Lara said...

You're right. We like to "be on the go" and HATE sitting still. So when we're stuck at home, it drives us crazy. My kids are very busy too. We're the Go go go family!


Michelle Miles said...

Nothing says romance like a new Coach bag and matching wallet. :)

I'm seriously with you on this kid crazy thing. Mine refuses to go to bed at 9 like I want. And then I can't get busy on the things I need to. It's making me an insane person.

I think I'll buy myself a new computer. That will make it all better, won't it?

Aimee said...

For all parents with little ones at home, it DOES get easier. Mine are now ages 10 and 12. They self-entertain and love to be left alone. But believe me, it wasn't always like this. Spring Breaks at home now aren't nearly as tough as they used to be. So hang in does get easier. I bet if you'd had a heat wave of 45 degrees and the kids could have been outside riding bikes, things would have looked much differently last week.

Lynn Sinclair said...

March break is held at the wrong time of year--it should be during nice weather.

wfbdoglover said...

I feel for you, although this year wasn't to bad. Monday and Tuesday we stayed home and watched movies. Wednesday he had an invite to go to the Art Museum with a friend, (I have one 10 year old boy) and I took them all swimming in the afternoon. Wednesday night was a sleep over at a different friends house, Thursday morning/lunch at ours and Friday was Discovery World with another friend and from 4:00 until now he is still over at the neighbors. I guess I lucked out this Spring Break - but not enough to get me out of my winter depression.....

Ann said...

That's so funny = my girlfriends and I plan our annual spring vacation so we avoid spring break and all the traveling kids like the plague. But if I were a parent, I'd go absolutely screaming nuts with a week of spring break with no vacation.
Coach has the absolutely cutest purses out this spring - sounds like a great consolation prize!!!