Monday, March 17, 2008


Okay, I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's day. And I'm Irish, for hell's sake! Ooops. At least one of my sons wore green (unwittingly) today. Eh. A little teasing at school is good for you. Besides, it will be good-natured.

Had a really good weekend. Pinewood Derby was on Saturday, and Thing Two's car took SECOND PLACE in his age group, and Fourth Place overall! Not bad for a first-time experience! Here was the car:

It's slot #5. You can't see it, but it had a license plate on it (covered by the sticker) and little paper "flames" coming out of the exhaust pipes. Grandpa rocks!!! And he won all three of his heats by FEET. Go Speed Racer!!!

After the Pinewood Derby, we went and had lunch at a local burger place we'd never tried out before, and frankly, I think we have a new favorite. Except the burgers were HUGE. I never want to eat again! We put off seeing "Horton" with the kids, we were just too tired and it will give us something to do together during Spring Break, since we wont be going anywhere. But I'm planning out lots of fun things for us to do. ALTHOUGH, having Hubby home for a week will get...interesting. He likes to "find" things that need to be done, and we all work like dogs getting them done. I am all for RELAXATION.

Sunday was a good day, church, and relaxing. I got some words in on the story, but GET THIS, I am THIRTY SIX words away from the 20,000 mark! I am so mad! I didn't start writing until late last night, eeked out a few paragraphs, and saved. I was so tired I didn't check the word count, until this morning.

Well, you can bet your buns I'm going to break 20K today! Woo! SO CLOSE!!!

Oh, and Happy St. Pats day!


Michelle Miles said...

I'm so jealous you're nearly at 20k!! You go!

Sounds like a nice weekend. And I'm Irish too. I didn't wear green today, but I DID wear my Celtic cross necklace with the emerald in the center and my Celtic knotwork earrings with the teardrop emerald. So I am covertly wearing green. :)

Unknown said...

How dare you forget St. Pats!

And do share the name of the burger place! We're always on the lookout for a good burger!