Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Feeling Better.

Status: Feeling "hobbled" (and a tad insane from lack of freedom) but otherwise feeling better.

Got in 2000 words yesterday. Go me! I could have gotten in more, but I'm pacing myself. It's quite the phenomenon, I get immersed in a scene and after I've typed it out, it's two hours later and I've got my word count in. Yet it feels like it's only ten minutes. That's the MUSE, folks, and I'm riding the wave as long as I can! :-)

My Francis Drake books from Amazon arrived yesterday. A good friend recommended Strand and I am going to check them out next time around. I love getting books for $3.00. It rocks! Sure, they're not in mint condition, but I just need them for reference, and I don't care. But I usually try to get the "very good" and "like new" used books. Anything below "very good" and you're taking a risk. I got a "good" once because it was the only option and it was water-warped, had food stains on it and smelled. I made notes from it and tossed it into the garbage. (I know, *gasp* but I was scared where that book had been!)

I've ditched the crutches (thank heaven, my arms are so sore I can barely move them!) and I'm hobbling now. My foot is U-GLY. Swollen and bruised to heck and back. But it's feeling better.

Time to get the kids on the bus!


Michelle Miles said...

Sounds like you're making good progress! And glad to hear you're feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

Great progress. Keep the foot elevated while you write, and you'll be even more comfortable. Your foot is healing while you write, which gives you an excuse to write more to heal your foot! ;)