Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Attacked By a Deer...

Status: Elated. I got some WORDS in yesterday! 2200!

Okay, so I wasn't actually attacked by a deer. But, a while back, I posted about seeing a turkey in the window of our basement, and how cool it was, blah blah blah.

Well, I was carrying the baby down to the basement yesterday morning after the kids got on the bus, and I was startled by a movement in the same window. There was this large animal, with it's face in the window, munching on my landscaping. At first, I thought it was a COW or something, but when I set the baby down and got a look at the mangy matted coat, I realized it was a big doe. I mean, full grown. She was BIG. And she was eating my plants!

If she wasn't eating the plants I worked so hard to help survive last year, I would have just let her have her fill and watched her, fascinated. But, I couldn't have her eating my plants! So I gently shook the blinds, and she bolted and galloped away. I mean, we live in a heavily forested subdivision, next to a bunch of empty lots--she has LOTS to eat.

Have to run Thing Two to the Dr. today--he has a pus-filled infected cuticle, and his fingertip is swollen and shiny. And he screams if you touch it. So, off to the dr. we go. I just hope they don't have to lance it. He'll shatter all the windows. That kid has lungs. HIGH PITCHED lungs...

Well, Happy Wednesday! Spring break is upon us! Happy Happy Joy Joy.

(that was only a little sarcastic...)


Michelle Miles said...

hehe poor deer. You probably scared her to death ;)

Good luck at the dr.!

Anonymous said...

Hope Thing Two's finger heals soon!

wfbdoglover said...

I just came back in from "cleaning out the fridge". Any old apples - questionable carrots - go outside under the pine trees for the rabbits.

I do that "whenever I have something" - not weekly or daily. I made an extra effort the past two weeks because I saw someone eating my favorite flowering bush.

I heard that this time of year, food gets scarse for them.

Maybe your deer may enjoy some apples?