Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anyone Want a Left Foot?

Status: Frustrated and Blah. I hurt my ankle again. Too much "go go go" I guess. Taking it easy.

Hubby didn't come home until after 11 last night. Business dinner. I had a bad writing day. Yeah, I'm going to admit it. The story is flowing and everything, but I was feeling sorry for myself with the whole ankle thing. My personal trainer, bless her, keeps emailing and wondering if I'm "up to" a workout with her. I can't even do cardio. It hurts to put weight on my ankle. Maybe that's why I feel yucky. I can't work out. It's amazing how much we depend on our ankles. ;-)

I'm not doing much today, so I'm going to write write write. Maybe I'll snap out of my funk.

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Michelle Miles said...

Poor you. Take it easy on that foot! And I've got to get writing done myself.