Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Murphy's Law Day.

Status: Enjoying the calm before the storm...for now. Soccer starts up next week.

Had a "Murphy's Law" day yesterday. It was raining. And I don't mean a light drizzle. I'm talking fishhooks and hammer handles.

Thing One had her annual eye dr. appointment across town, so I packed her and the baby and our assorted stuff into the car and we drove 1/2 an hour, and the rain was actually pretty light. I parked the car in the only parking space available at the office complex, which was probably the FARTHEST from the entrance door.

As soon as I killed the motor and got out to undo the stroller, the rain decided to become a WHOOSH downpour. Luckily I had the back door up so I could take refuge underneath it somewhat, but THEN the baby's carseat belt wouldn't cooperate and I got a liberal soaking while I was trying to get him out of the seat. THEN I ran to the building with Thing One trailing behind me, and of course she got the stroller wheels STUCK on a parking block and couldn't move so I had to run out and save her and we were all sopping wet by the time we got inside.

Luckily we were early so I went to the bathroom and dried the stroller and baby off with paper towels. I'm just glad his coat shed the rain, and he was dry.

The Dr. was running behind, the waiting room was filled with crying babies, and she decided to dilate Thing One's eyes (after 50 minutes of waiting) and a half hour later, we were finally finished. The baby was beyond tired from lack of a nap, and Thing One was whining about the light being too bright, everything being fuzzy, etc. etc. and the BEST PART was as soon as we got to the parking lot again, the light drizzle became a WHOOSH downpour. Yes. Right at the moment we wanted to run out into it. Murphy's Law.

We stood under the awning, waiting for the rain to lighten up, but in only got worse. Finally, we just made a run for it. We got soaked again. But I'm glad we went for it because the rain stayed steady until we got home.

It was like someone Upstairs was watching us, and every time we needed to step outside, they pushed the "Torrential Downpour Button" or something. I was not amused.

On the writing front, the Muse has left. I am struggling with the subplot, because the main plot doesn't make up enough material. Granted, I am excited to write the rest of it, but I need to write the "gratuitous teen material" first, before I get to the exciting History part. I know, I know. I just need to start writing and see where it takes me. I will do that...and soon.

Right now I have to wrestle an eleven-month octopus into his coat so we can go and buy diapers...he's down to 2 left and frankly, that's a FRIGHTENING thing...

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Michelle Miles said...

RE: The Lost Muse. Me, too. And I'm still mad about my ticket.