Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Friday!!!

Wait--why am I excited about that? Probably because Hubby got home last night. :-)

And, frankly, I'm done being overwhelmed. Now that I've gotten a solid week of soccer practices in, I have a SYSTEM down, folks. Yes, it can happen for me! Lara has a SYSTEM! I am no longer bemoaning my fate as a Soccer Mom three times over, I am IN CONTROL now and I can do it! Granted, I sure do a dang lot of driving around (gas bill, gas bill *sob*) but other than that, I am over complaining about it.

Thing One is scaring me. She is ME, but with blonde hair. She is such a writer. She is making up all these creature names for her story and she's actually quite good at it. She'll make up a name, and together we'll Google it to see if it's already in existence, and so far, only one of her names has gotten hits. She's very excited, and tapping away on the computer in the next room. *Sigh* My little writer clone!

My office has a huge walk-in closet (I suspect the office was originally meant to be an extra bedroom) and until yesterday, you couldn't "walk" into it. It's the last closet in my entire house that I still have unopened moving boxes in, so I went in and dejunked and opened everything up yesterday. Now I've got it semi-organized, and I could beat myself over the head because I have enough offfice supplies (that I didn't know I had) to start my own store and I've been buying them at Office Max the whole time, thinking I needed them. Well, I'm set for a good while.

Although I need to head to Target to see if composition notebooks are down to 25 cents yet...

Hope everyone has a fantastice holiday weekend! School starts on Tuesday! Hurrah!!!! (Okay, really I'll be sad and miss all my kids while they're at school all day (HURRAH!) and I'll probably pine for them and miss them and all and be sad...(HURRAH!) but school is good for them etc. etc. etc.



Anonymous said...

She could start submitting to publications by children for children, such as STONE SOUP.

Michelle Miles said...

HA! I can't tell at all you're happy school is starting... ;)