Monday, August 06, 2007

It's Monday!

Status: Tired. Of course I stayed up wayyy too late since Hubby is in New York all this week, and Thing Four decided he was hungry at 1am...UGH.

I spent most of last night playing with the kids new computer. It was a steal of a deal at Sam's Club. (Not the place I would usually buy a computer!) But it came with a 22-inch flatscreen monitor on it--perfect for their educational games and gaming, so I did a little splurge. They LOVE it. But I am limiting them to only one hour a day--because otherwise I'm sure they'd trash it. I know my kiddos.

Not a whole lot going on this week--yesterday was... interesting. My dryer (which is brand new and I haven't had more than a year) stopped heating up during the drying cycle, which I only discovered early Sunday morning, AFTER I had washed all my husband's and my underwear, and his jeans in another load, all of which he needed for New York. (I suspect a burnt-out fuse., and I don't know how to replace fuses so I'm making a call to an electrician after this post).

So after having to locate a laundromat and lugging the wet clothes there for some drying, I then had to lug all four children by myself to church and this happened to be the Sunday that I was doing the ENTIRE primary singing and sharing time as singing time because we have our singing program next month and the kids need to practice their songs. So basically, I got home from church, fed the kids, brought Thing Four into bed with me, and took a two-hour nap. Except for the phone rang twice while I was sleeping and finally woke me up for good. Hmph.

Today is overcast and cool. Hopefully it won't rain--if Tennis lessons are cancelled they don't reschedule. And now that I have all the lists for school supplies, we get to hit Target this week and take care of all the Back-to-School stuff. Which is actually quite fun. :-)

But right now I have to go pick up the kids from Jumpstart. And then get the dryer fixed. The laundry pile is growing as I type...Eeek!


Michelle Miles said...

OOF. I hate stuff like that. My dryer stopped too - but it was because the vent was plugged. And not the vent going from the dryer to the wall - the vent going OUTSIDE. Which is on the roof. Yeah, um, I'm not climbing on the roof. hehe

I heart Target. Did you know they preapproved me for a Visa card? BAHA

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to stock up on notebooks for yourself.

I hate it when the dryer stops working.