Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is it Only Wednesday???

This week is dragging on forever. Today we only have to run to Sports Authority and to the Children's Hospital (Thing Four needs his harness adjusted) and hopefully...traffic willing...will make it to the first soccer practice of the season.

Oh, and we're out of milk. Where does it all go??? I buy four freaking gallons a week! Two skim, two 2%. What is the deal?

Must run the kids to Jumpstart. How many of you dare me to drop them off wearing only my long t-shirt nightgown and my fuzzy pink flip-flop slippers??? Why not...I don't have to get out of the car!

HA! I'm going to do it!


Lowa said...

DO IT! I have done it before. Kinda cool. I just always worry the vehicle will get a flat or something will happen so I have no choice but to get out of it.

Harness? Am I missing something??

Colin said...

I hate benig out of milk. It means I can't have my coffee in the morning, without which, I am nothing short of a grumpy sod.

Milk - the original soft drink!

Lara said...

Thing Four was born with dislocated hips. So he's wearing a Pavlik Harness. It looks a lot like Leiderhosen. (sp?) :-)
It keeps his hips in place.

But hopefully he'll be out of it soon.

Michelle Miles said...

Four gallons? That's a small fortune! I only buy a pint every two weeks. HAHA