Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday. Eh.

Status: Drained. Exhausted. Dull.
Oh, and Karen got it right! The Amazon quote was from "Honey I Shrunk The Kids!"

Read any blog today, and you've got your basic working-away-from-home person screaming at the top of their blog lungs "TGIF!!! TGIF!!!"

It's different for a stay-home mom. Our jobs seem to NEVER end. Friday means nothing to us. It's anticlimactic, at best. Because we are HOME all the time. HOME is our office. HOME is our prison, our playground, etc. etc.

I'm feeling particularly pensive about this subject because for the last five days straight I've been stuck at home, with sick kids and pouring rain outside. Cabin fever? Yes. The Crazies? Slightly. All the soccer practices got cancelled because of rain. We couldn't get fresh air, because if we opened windows the rain would get in--and I HATE a humid damp house. And I couldn't get out of the house, because I have two kids with a highly contagious virus and SPOTS. So except for Dr visits (which were a nightmare with all four kids) we didn't get out much this week.

So, Friday means nothing to me. Except maybe I should clean up a little because now HUBBY will be home as well as everyone else and it will be one more person to deal with, and the clutter from the week is getting to me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am grateful I don't have to work outside the home. I am grateful I can stay home with my kids. I know how hard working moms have it, because I did work long hours away from home with my first two kids.

But there IS such a thing as "too much" of a good thing, sometimes. And I am completely unapologetic about that.

I told Hubby last night I needed a break. I have been cooped up in the house with whiny bored sick kids the entire week, and I need to get away. Just for a couple of hours by myself, to breathe and recollect my sanity. I know he's sympathetic to my plight, but he, himself spends long hours at work and since he's leaving for Vegas this weekend he'll be working and my "down time" won't happen.

So I'm getting a SITTER, dang it. If the kids are feeling better. On Monday. I'm getting a sitter and I'm going to get some things done and be by myself for a few hours.

I just hope the spots are gone---or it will be another long week!


Anonymous said...

Good for you.

I saw an article about a study -- they figured if a stay-at-home mom was paid, her salary would be $140,000 per year, because she averages a 92 hour week, and usually more.

So, yes, you've more than earned the right to a sitter.

Have a blast!

Lowa said...

Good for you! You HAVE to do this. I was in heaven once Cryptic was old enough for me to leave once in a while. Now, I do it all the time. Of course now Stud works from home, so me getting away is so easy. I can run get a Starbucks and a pedicure...go for groceries and be able to concentrate on what I am doing, because no one is yammering on and on and pulling on me, etc. It is truly HEAVEN.

I CANNOT wait to hear about your time away. You SO deserve it.

Ann said...

You DEFINITELY need a sitter - and make it a whole afternoon or day if possible! And have a good time.