Sunday, August 26, 2007


Status: Feeling pretty darn good. Except if I hear "Mommmmm, what's for dinner??? one more time....

Yesterday was really great. Well, not at first. At 10 am I was in my nightgown and slippers, dragging parts of me behind myself, and Hubby suggested that I "get out" myself.
I looked at him. "But the kids are sick and whiny and the baby is due to wake up and eat and you had talked about wanting to do work today, etc. etc. "

He looked at me. "It's really OK. You need a break. Why don't you get away for a few hours and then I'll get done what I need to afterwards?"

I don't think I've ever jumped in the shower faster in my life. I got dressed (I wore a new snazzy outfit so I felt actually human) and I was OUTTA THERE. Hubby was my hero. He was happy as a clam, watching his Tennis Channel anyway.
We did have a tense moment when Thing Three got all excited because he thought he was coming with me and I finally told him he could after he burst into tears but Hubby told him he needed to run up to the game closet and pick out a game. "Get out of here while you can," he whispered to me out of the corner of his mouth." I RAN out of there.

At first, I didn't know what to do with myself. But then I figured it out. A few hours later, I had gone shopping at Boston Store (Clinique was in Gift there, woo hoo!) and then directly to my Mother Ship, Barnes & Noble, where I spent my B&N giftcard from Christmas last year that I hadn't gotten the chance to spend yet. Of course I bought research books, but I've been wanting them for a while.

Today Hubby had the sick kids while I went to church, too. Then he left right afterwards for the airport.

So, I'm here in my office, feeling great, and I'm blogging, and I've got Thing Four in his bouncy next to the computer desk, looking up at me. He's extremely happy.
But that's because he just pooped his pants.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming! And I guess it's time to fix dinner...


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had some time to yourself. You deserve it. You should schedule one afternoon per week for you, no matter what. And good for your husband for doing his part -- that's what "partnership" means -- to work together and help each other as needed, not one always doing everything on the home front and the other doing everything outside of it.

Lowa said...

This is awesome.

You know what I did when my four were really little?? I hired a friend to come two mornings a week. She took the younger two to story time at the library, or to the park or just stayed home with them. She totally took care of them, while the older two were in public school. I was gone for AT LEAST three hours two mornings a week. It was BLISS! I was a human again! Totally awesome.

Then when she got a full time job, I traded out with another friend from church. One day a week, she would take my kids and one day a week, her kids would come here. Sometimes I had the day ALL TO MYSELF, but more often, she would have three of my kids and I took another. Each kid knew that they usually got a day with me once a month. We did whatever they wanted and I doted on them. They could tell me things with no interruptions, etc. It was awesome!

You still need to hire a sitter sometime this week, though:) When you said you couldn't figure out what to do at first, I was thinking, "A Book Store!" That is the first place I go when I am free:)

And the Things will get used to it if you make this a habit. Mine used to cry and sob too. Now they just glance up and say, "Bye Mum! Have a good time! I love you!" and go back to what they are doing:)

BTW, I went to see "Becoming Jane" yesterday. Have you seen it yet??