Monday, August 13, 2007

Soccer Mayhem...

Status: Wanting the weekend to not end. Read some chapters from a friend (should be finished up today) and relaxed. Now it's time to run my A** off...

Ah, the little annoyances and difficulties that arise when you have multiple kids in multiple sports. I got the soccer practice schedules for all three Things (Thank HEAVEN Thing Four is only three months old!) and let me just say, it's going to be a juggle.

Two Things have practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But Thing Two has practice on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursdays will be tricky, because practice times are overlapping, and at different soccer fields, and OF COURSE one of the Things has practice LATE so Thursday nights will be nearly three hours of soccer practices for me and Thing Four to sit through.

Tuesdays nights aren't so bad, but I still have two hours of soccer practices to sit through. I intend to bring a book, let me tell you.
But this could be problematic because my personal trainer comes on Thursday nights, and they have Cub Scouts and Activity days on Tuesday nights. And of course Hubby can't help out at all, because he works late usually. Or he's traveling.

Excuse me while I go get a tissue, I have these sudden urges to weep, lately...

Okay. I'm back. So, this should be very interesting. I think I could get a bit of writing done if Thing Four doesn't want to be entertained every minute. We'll have to see.

I'd better make friends with the other soccer moms stat. So we can carpool. It's the only way I will keep my sanity, for sure! BLEAH.

ps.. CONGRATS MITT ROMNEY!!! (Okay, I like to remain bi-partisan on the blog but I couldn't help myself). :-)


Michelle Miles said...

OH GAW. I'm so glad I only have one. Making friends with the other moms is a definite good idea!! Should I send you an emergency stash of chocolate just in case? :)

Anonymous said...

I too have kids in sports this year. First is trying out for her school team. Thank goodness a friend loaned me the new book on sports parenting.It is Home Team Advantage--by brooke de Lench--simply awesome and if we all pass it around, I think we will be able to make sure we are not as stressed in sports. Have a great school year.