Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life's Little Embarrassing Moments...

Okay, I had one of those yesterday. I was all fired up (per my previous post) to be all daring and drop the kids off for Jumpstart in my t-shirt nightgown and slippers, and so, well...I did it.

Lo and behold, something happened that NEVER happens. After I dropped them off, I was starting to accelerate out of the drop-off zone when one of Thing One's friend's moms shot out of the school and started running after my car, waving me down. She wanted to talk to me.

I had a dilemma. Knowing my state of undress, should I stop and face the consequences, or just keep going and pretend I didn't see her? The latter was tempting...

Well, it wasn't the latter, because I COULD see her, she was right beside my passenger side window, waving an arm and yelling my name. So I had no choice but to stop, and roll down the window, after which she proceeded to lean in and greet me and start talking about their Summer, and how was mine, and did I get her email, yadda yadda yadda.

And of course since I was driving, my nightgown had hiked up a little and well, lets just say I wasn't in the best (or most modest) of positions. MORTIFICATION. And she just kept on talking. And talking. And talking.

Mercifully, there was a car behind me, needing to get out, and since I have a big car, it couldn't get around me. So she let me go. Of course her last words to me as she said goodbye were "Love the jammies--I wish I could pull that one off!"

As I drove away, cheeks blazing, of course I was thinking I DIDN"T PULL IT OFF YOU SILLY BECAUSE YOU HAD TO COME UP TO MY WINDOW AND SEE THEM!
I mean, isn't that the whole point of wearing jammies? Because NO ONE will see you??????

Yeah, that was an Embarrassing Moment. Granted, it's not as embarrassing as the time when I was chatting animatedly with a new friend I'd met at church in the foyer, (church had ended and there were about 500 people milling all around us) and I suddenly felt a draft and realized in horror that my VERY WHITE slip had fallen down around my ankles.

Yeah, I don't think anything will ever top that one...


Anonymous said...

The baby is SO cute, Lara!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I have learned that I have to throw a trench coat over the jammies, or just throw on some gym shorts. Next time I say sorry I gotta run.

Lowa said...

I feel such guilt. I encouraged you to do it! LOL Although you likely had left before you saw what I said anyway.

I remember the slip one! You POOR THING!

I just read todays. Pumpkins?? EEEWW!!! Not here! Not yet. Although the flippin' Christmas ornaments have been in the Hallmark stores for a few weeks. *sigh* Irks me to no end.