Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to School!!! (Sniff!)

Status: Can't sleep. I have about 8320271 things zinging around in my head, because SCHOOL starts today for Things 1 through 3 and I have SO much I want (and have) to do now that they are in school!

School starts today. But my "HOORAY's" aren't as hefty as they were last week. Now, ironically, I am realizing that I'm actually going to miss the little tykes (well, BIG tykes, we just had to buy them all shoes and their feet are HUGE) and so I'm actually...sad. In fact, I broke down a little last night, because they're all going to school for 8 hours every day.

There *are* perks. The house will stay a LOT cleaner--I won't have to worry about them mauling the baby with kisses and hugs (but I suspect he enjoys it) every minute, and toilets will remain flushed and lights will stay off, the entire day. (Okay, that's a BIG plus!)

I have a Maid service coming to clean the house from top to bottom this Friday, because Summer has gone through it like a Tornado. And I want it sparkling clean, so it will be easier to keep that way.

So yes, it will be nice to have some semblance of non-chaos. But the house will feel empty and silent, with just me and a WAY mellow baby rattling around in it all day.

Heaven help me when they all go off to college...


Michelle Miles said...

Aw, Mom. You'll do okay. Once your realize how much you can get done while the kiddos are at school. ;)

Anonymous said...

Go ahead! Run through the house NAKED! That'll make you happy. ;)

Lowa said...

I hear you:) I find it sad when people say they can't wait for their kids to go off to school. I often wonder why they had children in the first place, if they just prefer them gone.

The toilet flushed thing is funny! LOL I know JUST what you mean!

Hang in there. Maybe you can get more writing done??

I hope you don't use Merry Maids? Or I hope they are better there. We hired them to come and do a "deep clean" and $300 later you could barely tell they had been here. Except that the "clean" floor was all sticky and is now totally disgusting. When my husband washes the haedwoods, they sparkle for days. They did not even move furniture or dust properly!?!? They dusted AROUND things, they did a worse hob then my kids. There were dust bunnies and toys underneath the couch, etc...it was like a joke! We called them back to do it properly and there was no difference!

Needless to say, we were not impressed with Merry Maids.

Lara said...

Yup--I'm using Merry Maids. HOWEVER, they are the same ones who cleaned my house every week when I was on bed rest, and they were AWESOME.

Yours must not have good management.