Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Status: Frustrated. DANG Frustrated. My kids have spots! Out, out damn spots!!!

Okay, so two weeks ago Thing Three develops a rash. A pretty severe one that covers his entire body and face, and it looks angry and red, like hives. We go to the Dr., and he is baffled. Thing Three's ears and throat look fine, but the rash came on so quickly, the Dr. was confused. So he gives us a bunch of lotion and sends us home. Two days later, the rash is WAY worse. So I had HUBBY take Thing Three in, and see a different doctor, and she says "that rash is viral" and they test him for strep, and it comes back POSITIVE. So we quarrantine him for a day until the antibiotics kick in, and in a week, he's better.

Cut to last night, just as all three Things were eating an early dinner before soccer practice, and Thing Two noticed a rash on his arm. Then after an inspection by me, I find that it's his whole body. Just like Thing Three. So I run Thing One to soccer practice, and lug the three boys to the Dr., and they test Thing Two for Strep.

It came back NEGATIVE. But the rash is identical-- its onset the same. The nurse says to go home and wait. If the rash gets worse (HELLO! IT WILL!!!) to call again. But we must have tested too early.

Well, Thing ONE now has the rash too. So I've called the Dr's office and heck be damned I'm not going to be told to "wait." We need treatment NOW!!! Of course they took my name and number and said they'd call me back. Still waiting...

I hate spots.


Lowa said...

Wow! YOu must be worried about Thing Four, eh??

Princess wants to play soccer, but she also wants to do hockey. She is signed up for weekly horse back riding, ballet, art class and here and there we will do swimming and maybe gymnastics. She is going to take violin lessons, a weekly geography class and REALLY wants to do Irish Step Dancing...*sigh* I am trying to help her narrow down her activities. Then there are her brothers, who are FUMING that I am dragging them from the house to go to Costco and run other errands.

She LOVES soccer. It is so cool that all three of your older kids enjoy sports.

I hope you all feel better soon!

Michelle Miles said...

That's what happened to my kid! He developed a sudden rash and wasn't feeling bad at all. Turns out it ws Scarlet Fever! It must be going around. Weird.

Hope that hurrican has blown over. No pun intended. LOL