Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh My SOCKS!!!

Status: Waterlogged. We've had two straight days of heavy rain now. And I mean Nonstop. Should I start building an Ark in the backyard???

Okay, I have concluded that I am going STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN for the amount of laundry I do for this family. Who knew that one girl and three boys (one of them being a baby) could churn out so much dirty laundry?

Not even including Hubby and Myself, in here. Add us in, and well...lets just say the piles of dirty clothes have reached astronomical proportions. You could probably see them from space.

But nothing is more time-consuming (or rather time sucking) than washing and pairing up SOCKS. I remember my mom had this nifty trick, where she would safety pin my dad's socks together before she washed them, probably so the dryer wouldn't eat them, but I look at my piles of socks and think "who has time to do THAT?"

First there's the matter of Hubby's socks. Highly Infuriating. A) He has lots of them and B)You can hardly tell them apart. Some are black, some are navy, some are navy-ish and black-ish, some have miniscule patterns you can only discern with a microscope, and most of the time I have to either pair them up in front of a sunlit window or a 1000 watt bulb, or I might make the mistake of pairing a black sock with a french navy sock and we might have a catastrophe on our hands. Like the one time when hubby called me up from work and thanked me for his one blue sock and one black sock he was wearing in his meeting with the President of the Company.

Then there's the boy's socks. Crew socks, ankle socks, anklets, soccer socks, church dress socks, I have to pair all those up. Don't get me started on Thing One's (our only girl) socks. Since she was blessed with KANGAROO FEET (my side of the family) she and I have barely discernible socks. So I have to be extra careful not to pair her socks with mine, or vice versa.

And the baby's socks. I swear my dryer eats at least two or three baby socks with every load. I have to rummage around to find them all. I have found them in crazy places. Sometimes I don't find them at all. I suspect the dryer has shrunk them all to nothingness.

And this is just SOCKS. Don't get me started on sorting underwear.

I must go lie down...


Colin said...

Ah yes socks. Maybe as a sock expert you can explain this one to me. Here's the process:

1- I buy new socks
2- I wear my new socks
3- I put them in the wash
4- They disappear
5- 3 months later my wife is wearing them

Answers on a postcard.....


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced there are gremlins who live in dryers and exist on socks. They don't eat pairs, just one from a pair.

Michelle Miles said...

I think sorting socks is the aboslute WORST part of laundry. I don't mind everything else. LOL