Thursday, June 08, 2006

Why Men are better Coaches...

It was POURING last night off and on during Thing Two and Three's T-ball/Baseball practices. All the moms ran and hid underneath the park gazebo, and watched as their sons got drenched.

I myself fought the urge to run out to the field and follow my son around holding an umbrella over his head, but it seemed to me (and I may be wrong because the gazebo was a bit far from the playing field) that he was having a blast in the rain. In fact, they all seemed to be having fun with the exception of one kid who was absolutely DONE after the first loud thunderclap and preceding lightning.
All the mothers were stressed out underneath the shelter, wringing their hands and wondering when the coach was going to call off the practice and send everyone home.
Nope. Didn't happen. The whole two hours the kids practiced in the rain, and had the time of their lives.
We all agreed that men are better suited for the coaching thing, because at the first hint of rain, we moms would have packed it up and told the kids to go home. I freely admit that when it starts raining I'm the first to want to leave. Heck, I was calling on the storm line on the way to practice, to see if practice was cancelled.

And NO, it wasn't because I didn't want to get wet, or "mess up my hair," or anything. To heck with that. It's just the "ingrained protectiveness thing" most mothers have, because they really don't want to watch their kid get hit by a 1.21-gigawatt bolt of lightning.

Oh well, they had fun, and we just plopped them into the bathtub when we got home. No biggie. The coach's wife explained to me that there are rules for calling off practices--one is very specific: if lightning is seen, the coach has to count off until he hears a thunder clap. I think if he counts less than five, he has to call off the practice or something. (I can't remember all the details, because I was busy being a tad concerned about Thing Three ending up as a Human Lightning Rod.)

Today is windy, but hot hot hot. I am going to fill up the Pool from Hell again (see previous post) to see if my patch job worked. Cross fingers for me!


Ann said...

That pic is incredible! What a shot.

Lara said...

Heh--I stole the photo from the Internet.