Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Made it.

Well, made it through the first day of Summer Sports. WHEW. Only one bruise, a scraped shin and a bonk on the head (it was a fluke, Thing Two swung at the baseball and brought the bat all the way around and whacked the back of his head!). Frankly, I didn't know that with his growth spurt he became so flexible--it's kind of like watching Gumby Play Ball or something, but he had fun, and that's all that matters.
All I can say is thank HEAVEN for Spray-on SPF. One of the better inventions known to Man. (Or rather, sports moms all over the world.) I have the kids close their eyes and hold their breath and 10 seconds later, voila!--they're protected. Whereas before it took ten minutes to apply sunscreen to all three squirming bodies. (Hold still or I'll get it in your eyes and blind you! Hold STILL!!)
I want to find the guy who invented spray-on and kiss him. Seriously. Even if he looks like Bill Gates did in the 80's. I'd plant a big wet one on him.

Hubby was preparing for a review last night, so he worked while I wrote. I am contemplating changing my EMMA story, to have a boy share MC status. If it's a girl and boy team, it will appeal to a broader audience. I've discovered that I usually write for girls and women, and although it's a big audience out there, I could really appeal to boys as well. Especially since my little sleuths would go around solving historical mysteries. I think I'll try it, and see how it works. If Emma needs to be on her own, then she'll let me know. But I think she'll like having a brother. We'll see how she takes it.

Our electrical guy is coming to hook up the basement bigscreen in an hour, I have missed DVR terribly. (Even though all the shows are repeats now.) We didn't get DVR until this year so we may have missed some shows. Plus, the kids will stop wanting to watch TV in our room. FINALLY.

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I have no idea how I even lived without TiVo. It's pathetic, we have like 30 shows on our Season Pass. But in the Wisconsin winters, that's all there is to do!!!

But this is how bad it's gotten: I'll be listening to the radio and miss something, and I'll want to rewind it so I can hear what they said. The worst is the other day, I was driving, and I passed by a sign, but I missed what it said, and I wanted to REWIND MY LIFE 10 seconds to see what it said!!! Augh!!!!!

I think I have a clinical problem....