Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Odds N Ends

Weather: Breezy and sunny, getting ready to be HOT
Status: Dragging my a** once more...
Currently Reading: Clive Cussler's INCA GOLD

Blogger is being a bit "tetchy" so I'll see if this works. It's the kids swimming in our pool:

Thing Three was sick so he stayed inside with me. :-(

In fact, he's worse. I'm going to take him to the Dr. today. He woke up at 3:30 am crying that his throat hurt, and he was burning up. His throat was so swollen, he could barely breathe, and he has a raspy, barky cough. Lovely. Poor Kid. I just hope it isn't Strep. We'll find out today. He's very sad because I've confined him to his room. But he has a Gameboy and lots of books so he'll be okay.

Hubby and I stayed up pretty late talking about Curve Ball options. And I was up half the night with Thing Three, so ONCE AGAIN I'm dragging today. I think I'll try and catch a nap after lunch. I am going bowling tonight with some friends from church while hubby watches the kids, and I've really needed to get away. I have cabin fever, from being home bound.

I'm cancelling all the play dates for the rest of the week, and spraying the entire house with Lysol. I just hope Thing Three feels better!

Time to call the doctor...


Ann said...

Hope Thing Three feels better soon - that would be no fun to be sick right at the start of summer.

Lara said...

We just got back from the Dr.--he has croup and a nasty virus. JOY I know...

Lowa said...

Poor Thing Three! My kids have had croup many times. On top of that, allergies. NO FUN! Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

Nice to see a picture of your kids. What I can see of them. Which I know was cleverly planned on your part:) Teehee

Pool looks like a blast. My 7 year old son was just looking at it and said the funniest thing. He asked who those kids were. I said they are the kids of a lady whose blog I read and she set that pool up for them. He goes "She's a single mother, isn't she??" I asked why he would think that and he said because SHE set the pool up instead of her husband! LOL I informed him that he is just used to a lazy mother, that's all. I used to do all the things you do. Then I started enlisting my hubby to help, because he honestly did NOTHING. So my younger two don't have memories of their old Mum struggling with all those kinds of things, like their older siblings do.

Thanks for the poetry info! That will be a HUGE HELP!