Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sickie House

Ugh, we're all sick. Well, I'm feeling "OK" but Thing One got the nasty virus, and Hubby came home with it last night. It was okay with me though, he was up in bed watching sports and I got lots of WRITING done!!!

Drum roll please: I got TWENTY-FIVE pages out yesterday morning! I didn't blog, I didn't eat, I WROTE. I was on a roll. This fast-tracking is awesome. I've never done anything like this, and can I just say: IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! :-)

It looks like we have semi-resolution on the curve ball. And can I say, if I have to add ONE more thing to my TO DO list of people to call and things to do, I'm going to FREAK OUT???? This is all happening WAY too fast for my comfort! And these aren't FUN phone calls, either. And Hubby keeps calling me and telling me "Oh, and you have to call THIS person and do THIS too" and I want to tell him to Stick It. (Did I actually write that? Oooh, I'm bad. ) And so what.

I'm tired of sick grumpy kids. I'm tired of not being able to go anywhere. Tired tired tired. CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!


Lara said...

I spoke too soon. I'll email you...

Ann said...

Twenty-five pages! I've never done that - totally impressive. And best of luck with the curve ball - whatever it is, it sounds stressful.

Michelle Miles said...

WAHOO! YOU GO! I'm so pleased the fast-track thing is working for you. That's wonderful!

I just emailed you. I better get an answer. ;)