Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer is here!

Not sure if that's an exciting thing, or an overwhelming thing. But we'll figure it out.

It's schedule time again. Thing Two has ADHD, so he needs structure when he's not in school. Problem is, I'm not exactly a "structured" parent. I always have felt that too much planning restricts your life, but Thing Two needs it so I plan out meals and activities on big posterboards so he'll be able to see them and understand what comes next, but there will be blocks of time where I schedule "free time."

We're going to the park every morning too. There is a big park just down the street from my house with a jogging track around it. The kids can play while the mommies jog/walk/whatever. So, we're going to the park every morning now so I can get a workout. The kids are excited about it, and I can see them the whole time I'm doing my laps, so its all good.

I have to stop buying books. I have no more room on my bookshelves now. The books are a little too tightly crammed in them, and since they're cheap ones I bought at Target, they're starting to bow a little under the weight. (I don't buy paperbacks usually--we're talking the big books!)

SO, to save them (and the monthly Amex bill) I'm going to lay off book buying for a while. Perhaps the Library this summer will be a good idea. We have a library just one block from our house. Heck, EVERYTHING is within a mile radius of our house. I love where we live. *sigh*

I need to get Thing One out of the idea that she can come and jump on my bed and joyously proclaim at the top of her lungs she's "awake Mommy!" at 6am now. She did that this morning and I sent her to her room. I'm a mean mom. But I'm even meaner when I don't get my sleep.

A good friend suggested that the kids and I work on writing together, and make little "books." The kids do that a lot already, if I had a dollar for every time they ask me to staple a few sheets together so they can "make a book"... I could fund a trip to Venice. (Just for me, heh heh!)

I think as long as we do lots of activities together, they won't use the Dreaded Phrase, which frankly, makes my blood boil: "Mommy, I'm BORED!" Oooh, I get riled up just typing it. There is always a LOT to do, and I am not your personal entertainment manager, thank you very much. If you're so bored, go and organize your shirt drawer. (That usually gets them.)

Well, time to get ready for the park!

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