Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Wanna SLEEP, Already!

I think it is a child's sole mission in life, to wake with the birds, and wake his/her parents as well.

At least for my eight-year old daughter. (Thing One) I swear she has batlike super-sonic hearing, or whatever, because it doesn't matter how early in the morning it is--if Hubby's alarm goes off, she's awake and coming in my room to jump on the bed and chatter about anything she feels like. It could be 5am. 6am. No matter. And you would think she'd clue in--talking to a mother who is flat on her stomach with her eyes screwed shut and answering every question with an annoyed grunt, but NO, she chatters away.

This morning, I had had it. I told her to go and get back into her bed, it was 5:15 for Pete's sake! She whined and said she didn't want to, and that did it for me. I told her that I was sleeping and she'd better hightail it to her room PRONTO, or I'd swat her on the behind.
She sulked off, but was back ten minutes later with a picture that she'd colored, just for me, and how could I resist that?
Oh, but I did. I told her it was lovely, thank you very much now get back into bed and don't come into my room for the next half hour.

More whining. Then Thing Two came stumbling into my room wanting to know what the ruckus was. Thing Three followed shortly after. When Hubby came out of the bathroom, freshly showered, all three Things were in bed with me chattering and he wanted to know why I looked so mad.

Go figure.

I informed him (with semi-gritted teeth) that he wasn't allowed to have any early-morning work meetings, and that was that. Of course he laughed and found that extremely amusing, and went down to get himself some breakfast, leaving me with all the kids.

I'm in a pissy mood this morning, can't figure out why...

I got six pages out last night. I switched to a brand-new story, because it's been percolating in my brain for about a year now, but I haven't been brave enough to get it down. It's not what I "usually write." It's more adult, with a more serious theme. But it's a period piece, and takes place in India, circa 1908. *sigh* I love writing about the past. Or at least setting my stories in the past. The present just isn't that fun to me, because I'm "in" it. Booooring.

For now, I'm trying to find out the Hindu term for "Monkey Brains." (Yes, they eat them, chilled, like in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.) So far I've stumbled on Hanuman, which means "monkey" or monkey-god, but I wonder what the particular dish is called. So far having no luck. All I know is it originated in Asia, but they eat them in India. Hmmm...

Today is Clean the Bathrooms Day. My favorite day of the week. I think I like it so much I'm going to go and turn some cartwheels. Excuse me...

---Okay, I'm back. WHEW. I just LOVE cleaning bathrooms, and yes, I'm DRIPPING with sarcasm this morning...


Lara said...

Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Thing One reminds me of a certain little girl who used to love to sit outside our bedroom door, softly singing early in the a.m. Funny, I appreciate it so much more now. Enjoy every minute, Lara, even those early morning wake up calls. It all passes far too quickly!


Michelle Miles said...

I am so proud of you for getting the words down! Keep going! You're doing great! :)

PS I'm sorry I don't read your blog as often as I used to. Life is hectic! Blargh!