Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weird Batch of Diet Coke?

Oh my heck. Last night was VERY weird. I'll explain:

Normally, I don't have caffeine. I don't drink coffee, or soda. (I do have a stash of Diet Cherry Coke for road trips, but that's about it.) I'm a Postum girl. So, since Hubby is out of town, I decided I was going to do some cleaning. First thing to tackle: my office.

My office has become the "catch all" for the house lately. All the kids school stuff from the end of the year, my research boxes, shoes, scrapbooking paraphernalia, ebay boxes, etc. Just JUNK. At one end, I have one wall lined with drawers of craft stuff, and at the other, my desk was piled with books and papers, and my books were so tight in the bookcases I couldn't get any in or out.

SO, after I put the kids to bed, I decided I was going to drink TWO diet cherry Cokes, and clean it. And I mean CLEAN it. Organize all the craft stuff, get rid of the junk, lighten up my bookshelves (I moved some of the books to my bookcase in my room) and just organize the whole durn thing. And I did it:

Notice the "light" bookcases? And then there's the other side:

All neatly labeled and put away. SO much better. GO ME.

But, here's the kicker: it was midnight when I was finished, and I wasn't tired AT ALL, so I went upstairs to my walk-in closet (that I couldn't walk in because it's the catch-all for the upstairs) and decided I was going to clean IT. And I did. (I'd post pics, but I don't have the energy to go upstairs, currently.)

So, at 3am, I was finished, but I STILL WASN'T TIRED. I checked on Thing Three and gave him his medicine (he still has a fever) and then I got into bed, but I couldn't sleep. So what did I do? I thought about every boy I went out with in college, I ticked off the list of things I needed to do this week (which are piling up because Thing Three is sick) and then I played out a scene in my head between two characters in my novel until I FINALLY fell asleep, sometime around 4am.

And of course at 6:05 am I hear a small voice: "Mommy, my throat still hurts and I'm hot."

So, just kill me now. Two hours and five minutes of sleep is good for a knat, but not a full-grown woman. Not to mention I feel like there's extra gravity working on me or something this morning. I'm dragging.

Which leaves me to wonder: What was up with the Diet Coke? Was it some weird batch? Or have I been so caffeine-deprived that it really did something to me? I'll never know. All I DO know, is that I need a SERIOUS nap.


Unknown said...

Well, if you don't normally drink liquid energy, then I'd say 2 diet cherry cokes is enough to keep you up till 4. I'd venture to say one would have been suffice....But hey! Look how much you got done! No wonder those soccer moms are addicted to meth...maybe they're onto something. Just kidding!

Lowa said...

That looks AWESOME!

Just pop in a movie and set the kids in front of it with a big bowl of popcorn. Then grab a 90 minute nap. Do that a few times today:) HOpe you did it, it is late at night now by the time I am commenting.

Hope Thing Three is feeling better!

Hey, you don't know of anyone I can contact to get some of my son's poems published, do you?? Some friends have read them and suggested I look into it. Just curious as to if you know who to contact.

Lara said...

You have two options: POD (On-demand publishing) in which you can publish your son's work and have a book to give to family and friends (or sell on Amazon or local stores) or you can go the traditional publishing route. Here is a link to Poetry publishers who accept e-queries. You'll have to paste it into your browser. Good luck!