Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Going on Hiatus...

So, can you guess what they're singing? 10 points to whomever can guess!

Well, it's inevitable--since I have twenty people living at my house until July 8th, I won't be blogging. So, this blog will return on July 9th. So, to my TWO faithful readers (sorry Mom, family doesn't count) so long, farewell, and I'll be back on the 9th.

I'm sure I'll have PLENTY to blog about! ;-)

ps--and yes, like a moron, I gave away what they're singing in my post. Oh well.


Devon Ellington said...

Have fun -- but I'll have terrible withdrawal!

Michelle Miles said...

So long...farewell... I can't spell the next word. Sound of Music. :)

Have fun! We'll miss you!

Unknown said...


Have fun with the fam!

Ann said...

Have fun!

Devon Ellington said...

You'll be back tomorrow, right?

(serious whimpering and withdrawl symptoms -- can only be fixed by chocolate and one of your posts)