Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Thank Heaven for Blockbuster...

Well, I was able to rent Mariokart for Wii--even if I couldn't buy it anywhere. So my kids are happy. We're supposed to get strong scattered thunderstorms today--(woo hoo), so we figured they'd need some "indoor" entertainment.

We can't decide whether it's going to be bowling, or movies. Frankly, I could just sleep. Hubby and I have been baaaad and staying up late. He watches the taped Olympic trials, I write. I've logged in several thousand words in the last few days. The muse is IN THE HOUSE. The story has been coming along effortlessly. (Well, the plot anyway--I have to stop and research stuff every five minutes!) That's what I get for having it set in Mexico--a place I've never been.

That seems to be a habit of mine. Setting my stories in places I've never been to. Thank heaven for Google. That's all I can say!

Have a good day, all!


Anonymous said...

I did a paper on a woman once (darn if I can remember her name) who was commissioned by the government during WWII to produce viable information about the psyche and culture of the Japanese. She was very instrumental in winning the war How did she do it? Soley through library research.

GO LARA! You'll rock with the internet!! :-)))


Michelle Miles said...

Yeah, but a lot of us writers set stories in places we've never been. Is the experience if discovery we love, too. I mean, I've never been to Ireland or my fantasy-world either, but the trick is to be enough description and "flavor" into the world to make the reader feel like they are there. :) You are on fire!

wfbdoglover said...

Maybe you'll give us a bit of a teaser and post a couple of paragraphs?

Anonymous said...

When you rent MarioKart, does it come with the wheel?

Did the thunderstorms ever arrive? We've had them for two days, but mostly at night (just makes it humid and sticky during the day), so the dog goes nuts while we're trying to sleep.

By setting your stories in places you've never been, you get a chance to discover something new. Always good.

Happy 4th of July.

Lara said...

No, unfortunately it doesn't come with the wheel--only if you buy it. And they only give you one, which in my opinon, is DUMB. They should have two.