Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...And I'm Not Very Good at Yardwork, Either...

Status: Tired. I stayed up late and THEN, Thing One had a nightmare at 3am and wanted to sleep with me. She said coyotes were after the baby, in her dream. Yuck. And she proceeded to kick me all through the night...

I am somewhat of a "yardwork joke" to hubby's family. So, I've had a few mishaps. What can I do? Like the time Hubby and I were fertilizing the lawn, and I lost control of the spreader (in my defense it hit a small "hill" in the sod) and dumped a bunch of fertilizer on the grass.

Hubby was nowhere in sight, he was doing the front yard, so I quickly scooped up the fertilizer and put it back in the spreader and spread the rest around, thinking he'd never know.


A large patch of the grass was dead by morning. Ooops.

Case Number Two: I was mowing the lawn and figured the maneuvering wrong and sheared off the top of this pipe sticking out of the ground at the back of the backyard. There was some sort of cap on it, and the cap was now in the grass.
Hubby was at work, and I didn't need him giving me grief about it, so I went and SUPERGLUED the cap back on.

Yes, I really did.

Suddenly, our lawn started dying. Hubby couldn't figure it out. It was going dead in places, yet other places were green and lush. He fertilized it, and treated it for bugs, and lo and behold...

I had broken the water pressure pump for the sprinklers. Remember the little cap I superglued on? Yeah, that one. Apparently the sprinklers (which we have on overnight so we never see them) were only the strength of squirt guns for two weeks.

We had the sprinkler guys come out, and they laughed and shook their heads at me, but they fixed it, and replaced the pipe and cap, and now our lawn is all pretty again.

What's next? Maybe I'll inadvertenly introduce some fungus into the Spirea. Who knows. I am BAD LUCK when it comes to yard upkeep!

Today is CLEAN THE HOUSE day. My kids are going to hate me. But I don't care. Deep down I know they love me. Besides, they also love their pool privileges, Wii privileges, and computer priveleges. They'll clean for me.



wfbdoglover said...

cute stories, thanks for sharing.

Michelle Miles said...

hahahahaha I LOVE YOU! This totally cracked me up!!

Anonymous said...

See, this is why I don't do yardwork. I'm a menace (not to mention all that NATURE out there).


Unknown said...

Are you sure her nightmare wasn't that you forgot another class you signed her up for? ;) I kid, I kid!!

I'm pretty sure all grass is scared of you now. You are developing a reputation as a Grass Murderer.